Thursday, March 24, 2011

Postcard 1 from Vietnam

Fiona and I have been in Vietnam for the past week. Spent a couple of days in Hanoi, three days in the area south west of Hanoi and are now back in Hanoi.

We have spent quite a lot of time looking at art in small local galleries. A lot of these have sprung up since our last trip to Hanoi in 2006.

As part of the effort to develop tourism and social balance the government has decided to build possibly the largest pagoda in south east Asia; including the biggest Buddha.

The complex is still under construction but already is an incredible endeavour. So many textures, vistas and craftpersonship.

Below are just a few photos from the complex.

Barry Smith © Detail behind Buddha
Barry Smith © Ninh Binh Pagoda Buddha
Barry Smith © Niches filled with small buddha statues
Barry Smith © Offering money on huge brass drum
Barry Smith © Worker construction hut 
Barry Smith © Carved and ready for installation


  1. Great photos BArry. Vietnam has many wonderful photo opportunities so I hope you post more on yopur return.

  2. Why do I love the worker's hut more than the temple? Have fun xox

  3. Great pictures Barry! are you planning to drop by at Kuala Lumpur ... if you are pls buzz me k :)

  4. Wonderful contrast between the worker's hut and the so sumptuous temple. Beautiful photos, thanks, Barry. Enjoy your holiday.

  5. gorgeous photos... so glad you get around a bit to share such things! Good luck with the next leg of your travels B... go well!

  6. Fiona and I realise how fortunate we are in our work and art. Work-work can take us to some special locations such as Pirlangimpi where we are at the moment. But work-work also enables us to do more with our art and travel to those places that inspire us. And capturing something like the contrast between the ornate sumptuosness of the gold Buddha and the rickety workmen hut is a lovely reminder of the contrast of life and that at any moment we could be at either end of a continuum of riches and fulfilment. B


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