Friday, April 1, 2011

Flipside Friday

As Fiona has indicated on her Thursday thoughts, the last month has been pretty full of what we call "work-work" = work that pays the bills = "the day job". Whilst we enjoy what we do (social research) it can get in the way of time in the studio. And we have been away from home quite a bit as well - bit harder to access the computers etc etc.

Anyway this week we have been madly preparing to head off for three weeks to Pirlangimpi a small Indigenous community on Melville Island and Umbakumba on Groote Eylandt  in the NT. Today I promised myself an hour or two in the garage-studio doing an assemblage piece using the beautiful weaving shuttles and brass taps and bits below that I 'picked up' from a secondhand place when we were returning from the artists book exhibition in Lismore.

Barry Smith © Weaving shuttles
Barry Smith © Interesting brass bits
But it didn't work out that way. Instead my creativity went into making a balustrade on the steps up to the mezzanine in the shed. We are trying to get the shed approved for use as a teaching studio. We attempted to have a final inspection today - but it could not go ahead without the balustrade - so out the window with the assemblage work and on with finishing the shed - certainly was not on the agenda before we headed off. Still it is done and one step closer to creating a printmaking studio space.

Building regulations in SCC say that you can't have a drop of more than 1m on the side of stairs - hence a very linear response to the issue.


  1. ahhhh....lovely balustrade xoxox

  2. Still creative in a way B wonderful to hear of a teaching facility! Busy days, looking forward to catching up with you & Fiona when back from all your travels...

  3. the balustrade is pretty ... i like it! maybe becos i'm afraid of heights, i also think it's a good idea and a pretty one :)

    on the other hand ... those brass bits look sumptuous. i know no one describes discarded bits and pieces, rusty stuff that way ... but yes ... they are sumptuous!

    i will be stalking you, waiting for the assemblage to take shape :) and a teaching studio!! wow!! that is also wonderful news :)

  4. Many aid, encouragement, kindness...
    From all over the world...

    Thanks to all of them.
    Tears of the heart will accept them.

    From Japan, ruma

  5. Excellent balustrade. The 'shed' looks a tad too beautiful to muck up with printing inks and other arty stuff.

  6. Wow! The balustrade is stunning. You and Fiona have such style, there's no way anything in your home or shed would be pedestrian and boring. Your shuttles and brass bits are indeed sumptuous as Luthien says. Something beautiful will come of them.

  7. ah well... its another step out of the way... the teaching studio sounds interesting.

  8. We are lucky with the shed - it has offered many friends and family a roof - we lived in it whilst we built the house - it has been developed over time and is a great space - so when we do stuff to it we do try to keep the artistic feel to it and make it also and uplifting place. It will make a great teaching space - but can also operate as a space for visiting artists to come and stay a while - sort of artist in residence for a couple of weeks. And of course the views are pretty special also. B


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