Friday, April 29, 2011

The beauty of clouds

Thought I might share a few photos of clods and sunsets on Pirlangimpi and Umbakumba.

The clouds above Pirlangimpi were in the south east so picked up the relflected light of the sun setting in the west.
Barry Smith© Clouds Pirlangimpi 1
Barry Smith© Clouds Pirlangimpi 2
The sunset in Umbakumba started with striking reds but as it waned it picked out great pastles in the ribbons of clouds.

Barry Smith© Sunset - Umbakumba Burnt Purple

Barry Smith© Sunset - Umbakumba Haunting Grey
Barry Smith© Sunset - Umbakumba Pastles
Th unusual red photo below occurred by accident - I photographed the sunset with the flash of the iPhone on and this was the result.


  1. Amazing skies & lovely to share!

  2. S - each day is a delight where we are at the moment - one of the advantages of being on islands - big skies and horizons. B


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