Sunday, April 10, 2011

Colour fantasy from Pirlangimpi

The exploration of using the iPhone camera and apps to modify the originals continues. Though the shots were taken at Pilangimpi the post is done in Darwin after we have packed in preparation to return to the community for stage 2 this week.

Barry Smith © Dusk on Front Beach
Barry Smith © Receding tide Front Beach
Barry Smith © Sunsert from Barge Landing
I then used two FX Colour 'filters' to treat the shots - I was testing out various Colour Fantasy approaches - Solarize and Tritone - one gets some pretty amazing images. Some have possibilities as backgrounds to other design works.

Barry Smith © Tritone - Front Beach
Barry Smith © Tritone - Receding Tide
Barry Smith © Solarize - Sunset Barge Landing

Over the weekend we have had to enter survey data and post documents off etc - but we have managed to do some fun things in Darwin (see Fiona's perspective on this) as well including: checking out Framed and NT Galleries; going to two local markets (Parap and Rapid Creek; eating pizza and drinking shiraz; and picking up rusty bottle caps - but more about that later.


  1. nice effects..receding tide looks like lava..

  2. Keep'm coming Barry. Lovely images, and you are having fun.

  3. L, JM - I just love playing with the effects. L - lava indeed. B


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