Monday, April 4, 2011

Textured colour

One of the impressive things about Hanoi we noticed in our recent trip is the burgeoning art industry. Whilst there was a good presence of copy artists and small art galleries we felt that since our first visit in 2004 there has been an explosion of colour - almost every street in the centre of the city has several copy shops or galleries.
Barry Smith © Copy artist Hanoi
Barry Smith © Tree - thick knife texture 
One of the in-vogue art practises is trees using very thick oil paint applied with a painting knife. As you can see from the photos below it can result in very colourful palettes; and great texture in the paintings.

Barry Smith © Palette 1
Barry Smith © Palette 2
Barry Smith © Painting colour texture 1
Barry Smith © Painting colour texture 2
Barry Smith © Painting colour texture 3


  1. Hmmm - not really my cup of tea, but very interesting none the less.

  2. Yes, watching the Vietnam artists at work is a joy. I saw one painstakingly doing a fabulous portrait with a very fine brush dipped in powdered charcoal... and keeping it clean. Amazing!

  3. wow, amazing color and texture.

    With painting being new to me, I am beginning to consider the consequences of art products that are not green, perhaps another way we are harming our world. My sense is that this is something important to consider.


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