Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Published - artists' books

As indicated on my website artists' books are one stream of my art work. Though a quick look at the portfolio gallery on the site will reveal that my 'books' are three dimensional and usually made of metal and wood.

Recently Linda Douglas invited me to submit an article for  her journal - Australian Book Arts Journal. I accepted the invitation and submitted my article and photos; and hey presto, the article on Sculptural Books (Beyond the Object) has been published in Issue 4 March 2011.

The article is on pages 10-11.

And there is a good photo of a piece called Spiral on the back cover.

Barry Smith © Spiral
I conclude the article by saying that "I believe my sculptural bookworks are more than simply objects; they also communicate content as would any book."  I was making the point that a book could be made from any material and take any shape as long as it also carries some content - a poem, a message, a saying, and instruction etc.


  1. i think your bookworks work on many levels, barry, and how wonderful to have this new article out!

  2. congratulations! i love your conclusion statement - and you are right... the world needs more expansive thinking, the ability to see beyond what is obvious... work like yours does just that... thank you!

  3. oh wow!! congratulations on being published!! how how wonderful!! and i definitely agree with your conclusion in the article :)

  4. Bravo Barry! Congratulations! I think it's very difficult, if not impossible, to define where artist's books start and stop! cheers!

  5. looks wonderful, congratulations... You are so creative, yea!

  6. Congrads Barry, it's a good feeling to have your work published isn't it.
    Well deserved!

  7. V, MD, LT, P, TL and M - thanks for the congrats and support. As you say always good to get a little public profile; and it doesn't hurt to challenge the usual perceptions of what books are. V- always like your rock books - see you have discovered a mini rock to make a new book. P - we have been looking at the terrible storms in US - we hope you are OK - very bad with so many deaths etc. Go well. B


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