Friday, April 15, 2011

Natural jewels and colour fantasy

As we arrived 'home' from our morning walk around Pirlangimpi Fiona and I discovered a single gum leaf (about 150mm long) on the cement driveway. As you can see from the photos below it was so fresh and the rain over night had left crystal clear jewel like droplets on it. The cement was coloured dull brown by the red earth ground into it - so it provided a soft but textured background to the leaf.

Barry Smith © Gumleaf at dawn
Barry Smith © Raindrops on leaf
Barry Smith © Also Gumleaf at Dawn
Given the jewel like nature of the droplets of rain I was encouraged to alter the photos to give the leaf and the water droplets more colourful fantasy highlights and contrasts.

Barry Smith © Crystal highlights
Barry Smith © Solarised droplets on leaf
Barry Smith © Leaf with hint of rainbow
One of the things I am learning with the iPhoneography is that it is important to record one's application of the app filters and tricks before saving if one wants to share these with others. This will be done next time. But I am still having fun both playing with the zoom, focus and flash features of the iPhone camera. However, I must say on our walks I still get Fiona to take the macro shots with her camera. Maybe there is a macro app for the phone?


  1. What a beautiful aqua colour. Had a chat to A & D today as K & I had coffee at UFClub. Enjoy Darwin xoxoxo

  2. That phone is working wonders Barry. Excellent images.
    PS: picked up my bowl from Studio 4 yesterday... a little treasure.

  3. oooo!!! i love what you did to the close up Barry! it's cool enough to be framed and hung on the wall!!

  4. TL - dressed in raindrops - great way of looking at the leaf - but that is how we saw it. TL - I'm liking some of the effects I can get with the FX app - it is really good to be able to draw out particular features of photos. And yes there could be a series that is worth saving and printing. B


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