Saturday, April 23, 2011

Marks in the sand

One of the pleasures of walking pristine beaches is checking out the marks and traces left by the receding tide - nature doing its quiet etching; and filling the grooves with its own debris paintwork.

The photos below were taken on the last afternoon before we left Pirlangimpi - Marks in the sand (MITS) on Front Beach.

Barry Smith © Marks in the Sand 1 
Barry Smith © Marks in the Sand 2
Barry Smith © Marks in the Sand 3
I'm quite taken with FX Colour's Invert Image and Colour Fantasy applications. I find both these are good way of highlighting aspects of the photo that are not immediately visible in the naked camera photo shots.  The spots in MITS3 are rain drops - at that point we scurried back to our Pirlangimpi 'home'.

Barry Smith © MITS1 - invert image
Barry Smith© MITS2 - solarised
Barry Smith © MITS3 - solarised
Fiona and I spent quite a bit of the day today entering 'work-work' survey data into a database, doing quality checks and cleaning. Also managed to weed the coffee 'plantation'.  So that is my little bit of creativity for Saturday.


  1. Beautiful, I thought the first photo was a snake track at first. Wonderful patterns....!

  2. those are beautiful - i, too, enjoy finding patterns left by nature, by the water and the wind... living near to the ocean, i see so many people who don't even seem to notice they are on the beach or magic of nature that presents itself...

  3. I really love these found marks Barry!
    In art I think we emulate nature. But nature has been at it longer than us...

  4. That camera is amazing! Love the sand. The original photos seem to have a calming effect.... serene, natural.

  5. Gorgeous photos! I wish I lived close to a beach...
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

  6. Great shots, Barry! Really inspiring!

    I wish you a nice Easter!

    Gaby xo

  7. V, MD, LAM, JM, S & GB - we can only admire nature and its marks - but also good to be there to capture them; and amazing what we can now do with our technology to just highlight aspects of what we see. B

  8. I love these patterns... The wind also makes interesting patterns in the sand. I live in Cornwall and the heavy metals in the rock can be seen in the sand. The wind sorts them sometimes and leaves fine black stripes and mottled areas. I also love the little curly sand worms left by burrowing creatures. Thank you for sharing these.


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