Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Images of Darwin

What better way to see what is old and new in a city than to walk around.

Fiona and I started with breakfast in the mall - nothing fancy just a mug of double shot coffee and raisin toast - but excitement moment - this is the first time we had our raisin toast served with veggies - Fiona got lettuce and cucumber and I scored carrot - brilliant!!

Barry Smith © Raisin toast with a garnish of veggies
We rediscovered the old city hall that was demolished by cyclone Tracey on Christmas eve 1974. The preseved ruins have aged beautifully with some additional aging of the ruin taking place.

Barry Smith © Old Darwin City Hall ruins
Barry Smith © Old Darwin City Hall ruins
Barry Smith © Old Darwin City Hall ruin
Barry Smith © Nail DCH detail
Barry Smith © Fractured DCH detail
Barry Smith © Layers DCH detail
All the photos were taken with the iPhone so I have altered a few just for good measure.

Doorway altered using FX Colour - Sketch - charcoal plus a little negative gamma.

Window altered using FX Colour - Sketch - charcoal colour.

Fractured - nail detail altered using FX Colour - Colour Fantasy plus negative gamma. Really like how the Colour Fantasy filter and gamma has brought out the unseen touches of rust or enhance it by adding them.


  1. Ahhh, the rust, mold, cracks and beautiful color. Lucky you! Nice job on the pics and from a phone no less.

  2. You got those rusty bits in again Barry. Your post has whetted my appetite for a visit to Darwin in August.

  3. hard to imagine something devastated in 1974 being a ruin...

  4. ahhh... what a wonderful outing day :) with a wonderful bonus of photos! i love the sense of stillness in this group of pictures and the sketch of the doorway just reinforces the mood, doesn't it?

  5. I hope you didn't try to get those rusted nails out!
    Great pics.

  6. wonderfully artful images
    and your simple breakfast makes me hungry! I like simple.

  7. SZQ, JM, V, LT, M Vand TL - thanks for comments and glad you enjoyed sharing our wander. TL - not sure you always do veggies with raisin toast? SZQ, M - only the sad people don't appreciate rust - nails are still in situ. V- given Aust is only 200 from non-Indigenous perspective - 1974 is almost ancient in ruin terms. All - enjoy life and creativity. B

  8. Your toast is about to send me to the kitchen to see what I can find to eat. Love these photos. I'm getting an iPhone soon and I think I want whatever app you're using.


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