Friday, April 8, 2011

Sketches of the abandoned

Over the next couple of posts I will be sharing some photos of images from Pirlangimpi taken with my iPhone camera; but I will also be using photography applications to alter the images - a little creativity whilst we are away from home and our studios.

This post focuses on a few objects that have been abandoned and being reclaimed by nature.
Barry Smith© Pump and vines
Barry Smith © Sand reclaims boat
Barry Smith© 200l drum- crushed & rusted
I have then used an application to turn the images into art sketches. I'm not sure it has worked as well as I liked. It used FX Photo sketch filters and then gamma to adjust the light-contrast.

Barry Smith © 'Sketch' sand reclaims boat
Barry Smith © 'Sketch' rusted drum

Barry Smith © 'Sketch' - pump and vines


  1. I think these are great, Barry - especially the boat - I like that you have gone for the earthy, muted colours

  2. They turned out great. Photography is another passion of mine and of course anything rusty and old draws me in. I'll have to check out that new phone app. The boat has a very interesting feel.

  3. wow Barry! these are great! i wonder if i have this application on my photo editing software ... SO COOL!! i so agree with Noela ... i too love the unsaturated feel.

  4. great pics! the apps are so much fun in iphone! my favorite photo app is hipstamatic.

  5. N, SZQ, LT and L - tis a bit of fun testing the alternatives and adjusting saturation etc. Thanks for positive feedback. L - hipstamatic is the next on my list - have you photos to share where you have used the app? Go well all. N keep mobile. B


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