Wednesday, April 6, 2011

iPhoneography in Pirlangimpi

When Fiona and I knew we were going to Pirlangimpi and Umbakumba for work-work we discussed what we would do from an art-creativity perspective. Fiona decided to sketch and stitch. Given that iPhone cameras are now much better quality and we tend to carry our phones more than our cameras, I decided to learn how to use my iPhone camera; and how to use applications to alter images to make them a bit more creative. I was inspired to do this when I came across a book in Singapore called The Art of iPhoneography (A guide to Mobile Creativity) by Stephanie C. Roberts.

So today I started. Whilst I haven't finished reading the whole book I did read enough to understand some of the features of my iPhone (e.g. the focus and zoom); and I identified applications I wanted to buy to alter and edit the photos. App-wise I got PS Express; Photo Studio; and Camera+.

The photos below were taken this afternoon on our walk around the community.

Barry Smith © Front Beach Pirlangimpi
Barry Smith © Waterline Pirlangimpi
Fiona Dempster © Valve Barge Landing Pirlangimpi
And the same photos have been altered using the Photo Studio.  Quite a lot of fun and a good start. And hope you enjoy the original shots of Pirlangimpi anyway.

Barry Smith© Front Beach Pirlangimpi - brushstrokes
Barry Smith © Waterline - rainbow
Barry Smith © Valve - invert image


  1. wow - fantasic, Baz. Looking forward to a piccie a day :) xoxoxo

  2. Cool! Love the rainbow beach... and notice you got some metal in there too!

  3. these are wonderful images-- I also have an iPhone but have not really used the camera much-- you have encouraged me.

  4. Lovely pics Barry. Nice to see you got some rusty bits in there.

  5. N, S and D - thanks for comments. D - good if it encourages you - bit of creativity that we can take with us and share - good to be able to share both how we saw it and how we might have seen it through artistic eyes. Go well. B


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