Thursday, April 28, 2011

Gliding on the airwaves

Both Pirlangimpi and Umbakumba are island communities in the NT.  One pleasing outcome of their locations is that there often appears to be a sea eagle or a kit hawk cruising the thermals with a keen eye out for a fish meal - either in the water or the discards of fisher-people.

I tried to capture some of this on the iPhone - not easy with a far away moving target and a pretty simple camera. Though I thought the distant silhouettes against the overcast skies are subtle images and give a sense of gliding high.
Barry Smith © Sea Eagle over Pirlangimpi
Barry Smith © Sea Eagle over Pirlangimpi

Barry Smith © Kite over Umbakumba
 And of course because they were taken with the iPhone I played with them to see if I could give the images another mood. Given the proximity to water I though the FX water overlay was apt for a Sea Eagle; and the FX-SFX x-ray gave the Kite a moody mysteriousness.

Barry Smith© Eagle - FX water overlay
Barry Smith© Kite - FX - SFX
Though the iPhone camera is not brilliant I do find I am seeing a different side of nature through the screen.


  1. nice effects indeed...iphone offers some interesting photo apps.. you just have to appreciate the photos in a different way..kind of artsy though!

  2. Great captures....I fancy the last one...very dramatic!

  3. L & OTL - thanks for checking the pics out - am finding the iPhone is not too bad a tool and the apps can do some interesting things. OTL - I too like the last photo - the blue, black and white contrast is ok. B

  4. the one with the water overlay is a bit of magic.


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