Friday, March 11, 2011

Ready to rock and roll

The exhibition is set up and the official opening is on tomorrow night. In a first for Fiona and I we used our phones to make a wee video of a walk around the exhibition without people etc.

So if you want to take a short (3minute) stroll around Studio4 Gallery and check out the work then play the micro video below.

Sorry that it was all a bit shaky and the light was not great but I think it might give you a bit of an idea of how the exhibition looks. Fiona and I were pleased with the fact that our combined works filled this small gallery without cluttering it. Fiona is always keen to have 'air' around the works so that people can pause and appreciate each piece for itself.

If you turn the volume up you will hear ACDC music playing in the background - this was not intentional - one of the gallery owners was present while Fiona and I set up the work and just happened to be playing ACDC when I made the video - this seemed ok since I often listen to ACDC when I am creating stuff in the garage-studio. So may we rock and roll on Saturday.


  1. Barry, as I just wrote to Fiona, it is really great to see all these works gathered together so harmoniously, many of which I've been following with interest as you feature their progress on your blogs. You must both be so pleased and proud! I especially like how your small bowls seem to float in space on the clear stands in their display cases! Best of luck to you both. Rock and roll!

  2. Barry,

    What a wonderful exhibition space! Both of you should be very proud and excited!

    I love the blogging community, but it seems a little "flat" sometimes. Your video put me right there in the here and now. Perfect!

    I wish G and I could be there for the opening, but we will be there in spirit for sure.


  3. Barry, the exhibit looks awesome. My set up could never look that professional. I wish you both good luck and good fortune!

  4. Well, it's Saturday evening so I hope the day has been really wonderful for you. The exhibition looks just beautiful and the video was a lovely touch, to give us a glimpse of what we're missing. All the best, may you really rock and roll.

  5. BArry, looks great, have to go and see it in the "flesh". Can't be at the opening but good luck with a wonderfull exibition.

  6. it all looks so wonderful and you have me dancing to the tunes.


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