Friday, March 18, 2011


Last week I had to do a very quick work-work trip to a couple of Indigenous communities on islands off the coast of the NT.  Quite a journey - left home 5.30am on Tuesday and returned to the mountain at 1pm Saturday (more than enough time to prepare for the opening of the exhibition).

Basically I flew from Brisbane to Darwin, Darwin to a community on Melville Island, back to Darwin, over to Groote Eylandt, 4x4 trip to community and back to main settlement bon Groote Eylandt, flew back to Darwin and then Darwin to Brisbane - quite a few klms and a lot of small planes.

I took my camera but there was not a lot of time for personal art given that I was there to negotiate permission to do field research.

I did manage to drop into a local art centre.

Discovered this great work by a talented female artist, Diane Tipungwuti - the art work is a representation of body art work.

Diane Tipungwuit
Diane Tipungwuti
And I did manage to take these two photos of new rootlets breaking out of the bottom of a palm tree.

Barry Smith © Rootlets
Barry Smith © Rootlets


  1. Lovely photos Barry... and paintings. Did you bring one home?

  2. yes wonderful art
    and your photos are quite artful too!

  3. those rootlets are amazing, as is your schedule!!!

  4. J, T & V- I din't buy paintings on that trip but when Fiona and I return for work in a couple of weeks we will meet the artist and most likely purchase one of her works. The rootlets are quite wierd right? Go well. B


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