Sunday, March 6, 2011

Packed and ready

Fiona and I are to set up our exhibition tomorrow morning so it has been full steam ahead since we returned from working in Alice Springs.

As you can see from the photo below there is a table full of goodies to go into the exhibition.

After working with Fiona to price sign and describe the pieces I packed them in readiness for the trip to the Gallery tomorrow morning. The pile doesn't look very big when you have it all wrapped and in boxes.

What I have not had time to do is tidy the garage and work bench. I think this is the worst state it has ever been in. Still the effort went into creation not tidiness. 

The photos above reminded me of a post that Art Propelled (Robyn) did recently on the models of artists' studios - in the main they were all messy - but creatively and colourfully so.


  1. Love the messy bench. Good luck with the set up tomorrow, looking forward to the opening next weekend after you get back from your hectic[again] week xoxoxo

  2. Its a lovely, jumbled reminder of all the creativity that flowed. For me part of getting back to work is tidying the remainders of the last flurry.

    Best of luck with your show! One of the wonderful things about blogging is we find like minded people all over the world. One of the not so great things is we are all so far flung, we can't get to each others openings! I would be there if possible.

  3. N., TT and LAM - thanks for the support. LAM - you are right about the adrenaline charged last minute flurry of activity - no matter how well we plan there is always that last charge. B

  4. Best wishes for a successful show.. and I think the messier our studio becomes the more creativity that flowed.


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