Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Shrine of rust - work in progress

My last personal shrine for the exhibition at Studio 4 Gallery is a tribute to rust.

Friends of ours gave Fiona (and maybe me) 5 rusted  rectangles that were crying out for incorporation an art piece. I negotiated to use three of the rectangles on my tribute to rust shrine.

I wanted to create a long slender wall shrine that would be left out in the elements.

Barry Smith © Shrine to rust
This piece is 900mm long by 300mm wide. The shelf is riveted to the body - still haven't learnt to weld yet.
Barry Smith © Shrine to ruist
The offering bowl will be cut down rusted jelly mould. The leaf will be created from a piece of rusted iron.


  1. Great work at the Dempster residence! I imagine that your home is a hub of creativity.

  2. Love this Barry! I love the idea of these shrines left out in the elements too...beautiful works!

  3. ooo... i;m thinking this is going to be rustastic!!!

  4. hehe, L yes very rustastic. Very noice B... sooo exciting this exhibition will be, not many sleeps now! Maybe I can give you a crash course to weld...

  5. Looks wonderful already - can't wait to see the leaf.
    I think I need to make a shrine for the garden... thanks for the inspiration!


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