Sunday, February 27, 2011

More sculpture on the block

Recently I posted on the fact that we owned Kim Schoenberger's square rusted ceramic piece. One of the comments suggested that Fiona and I were lucky to have such lovely pieces as part of our block and lives.

I responded to the comment by saying that over the last 3.5 years we have been working hard to landscape our sloping block (lots of terracing and lots of gravel); and have been gradually putting sculptures in place. We buy some, exchange our art for some and just create some. I thought I would share some of the pieces that are in place.

Barry Smith © Entry sentinels by F & B
Barry Smith © Another Kim piece
Barry Smit © Cube by Ken Munsie
Barry Smith  © Pod people

Barry Smith © Font by Barry

Barry Smith © Chair by Tom Skeehan
Barry Smith © Structured rust by Barry
Barry Smith © Forms by Barry

Well that is a sample of the growing collection. We would like to create a place where as you walk around you discover bits and pieces tucked away.


  1. what a fascinating space this is! there are many pieces I love... your large scale and small scale work is all so captivating... finding balance and shrine of reflection in particular...

  2. Enjoyable forms Barry. I am quite drawn to your pod people. Thank you for your kind and thoughtful comment on one of my recent posts about creativity and how we shift to meet our expression in new ways. This is something we must all consider at some point in our lives...for some sooner than later...but change is inevitable and with it growth and our own inner transformation.

  3. Barry, what a wonderful collection! I love art in outdoor settings you can meander around. Keep up the good work! Thanks for sharing these images.

  4. wow Barry..utterly fantastic sculptures by you and other artists...would love to visit and take a stroll through your garden of art.. Reminds me of Donna Watsons photos of her delightfully zen back yard...

    Love the structured rust's amazing how artful something so simple can become when it falls into your talented hands...

  5. MJ, LX. TT and L - hi all - thanks for touring a bit of the block - there is more and it is growing - we are lucky to have the place and space and views. Would be happy for you to meander thru if you are ever over our way. Like D we are attempting to create a peaceful place for us and others. MJ - thanks for comment on other bits like finding balance and reflection - bit of a theme going here? L - great thing about the rusted pieces - they can merge with the landscape. LX - may we continue to support each other as we make transitions. Go well. B

  6. oh my Barry! i knew you had beautiful things in your house ... but i certainly did not expect your home to be, well ... an art gallery!! truly fascinating to me ... i have never known anyone who resides amongst art like you and Fiona! WOW! this only happens in movies!! WOW! if only i lived nearer, i'll be visiting VERY often!

  7. I love art in the yard! Wonderful to see yours.

  8. Lt- thanks for the excited reaction but we are not on movie standards - just working away on the block creating stuff and buying a few bits and exchanging a few bits as we go along - but we do like it and it is improving over time - and of course you are invited to visit if you are ever nearby.
    T - glad you like seeing our bits and pieces. Cheers b

  9. mmm... a lovely space full of treasures you have there B... i bet it is great fun deciding on where they will sit... very peaceful...

  10. mmm... a lovely space full of treasures you have there B... i bet it is great fun deciding on where they will sit... very peaceful...


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