Sunday, February 20, 2011

Studio 4 Gallery preparations - bowls

Fiona and I are now coming to the pointy end of our preparations for the Studio 4 Gallery exhibition that has its official opening on 12 March. But because we are in Canberra, Melbourne and Alice Springs for work-work over the next little while we really need to have almost everything prepared now.

All my meditation and offering/incense bowls are complete so I have cut perspex tuibe stands to present them one.
Barry Smith © Stash of bowls
The photo above shows a stash of the bowls at the back of my glass store-display case.

Barry Smith © Bowls for Studio 4 
The above photo shows all the bowls and perspex stands ready to go.

Barry Smith © Meditation and offering bowls
Shot of bowls looking down when I did a trial run of them on the stands.

Barry Smith © Tubular stands
And I couldn't resist photographing the perspex tubes on the white background - bit etherial?


  1. ~barry i wish you and fiona well as you are brinking on these finals days preparing for your exhibition...i know the passion and love...the emotions you have hammered into each of these pieces will be felt by each who has the honor to see well and much love light and blessings be with you and yours~

  2. Barry, these unusual photos of the bowls and their stands could be in an exhibit as a separate body of work! Lovely pieces.

  3. Fw, TT, P - thanks for comments and wishes as we move to our whinnying date. Couple more things to finish but we will have a good show in place. B

  4. Barry, that top photo of the bowls is luscious. All your photos are really beautiful and yes, the tubes against the while are really ethereal.

    All the best to you and Fiona for the final stages of the exhibition.

    Barry, where do you get the perspex tubes? I'm trying to reorganize my display cases and the tubes would be a great start.

  5. Barry...the unique fabric folding effect of the metal just begs to be touched and held!
    I know the exhibit will be a big success for you and Fiona...your photography alone could be your presentation. I just love that shot of the bowls from if they were floating in mid air..and the tubes are pretty cool as well..

  6. Hi S & L thanks for visit and comments. S - hope all goes well in Lon & good to have contact again. L glad you liked floating bowls I thought the tubes gave that effect. C- I purchased a length of 60mm Perspex tube from a supplier and cut and sand ends of penguins I reqd - thanks all for support as we move to finishing preparations. B


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