Friday, February 4, 2011

A Friday font

It has been a bit of a lean week from the creating art perspective. Fiona and I travelled to Adelaide for friends and family and used the visit also as an opportunity to catch up with the a few galleries - both community and government run. From an art point of view the galleries were a source of inspiration. Yesterday and today we have 'paid the price' for our ventures as we have had to do some serious work-work catch up. But thankfully we have also had the opportunity this afternoon to do a bit of work in the studio and to review where we are up to in the production of pieces for our March exhibition.

Barry Smith © Huon& brass font
I completed my wood and metal font. Why a font and not a birdbath I hear you ask. I see a piece such as the one above as being used to create a still or focal place. It can be used inside as a bowl for holding special bits; or outside to gather the dew and rain.

Barry Smith © Huon & brass font

Barry Smith © Font detail
The base is made out of a piece of salvaged Huon pine - including a burnt area. The bowl of the font is from a jardiniere and a bras-zinc pump-pack; and the brass fingers are from an old yabbie pump.

Barry Smith © Burnt
I have include the detail of the burnt area - just because I like how the grain and the burnt section flow and contrast.


  1. I really like this one, Barry. The burnt section of the wood is a great find! And the metal looks almost like something once used in war - a plate from armor, a shield perhaps, and now retired to more tranquil purposes. There is a nice tension here between associations with fire and hardness or harshness and then a feeling of fluidity, serenity and balance. Love it!

  2. wow!! this is beautiful! the burn on the wooden base adds such character to the font. the patina on the font mirrors the burn mark perfectly ... i must tumblr this too!!

  3. yes, this one is quite fine. i think it really flows. and also the disparate elements hold together. i can see it in the garden.

  4. exquisite...and much too fine and sophisticated to be a bird bath..

  5. TT, AA (L), JG, V and L - Thanks for checking this posdt out and comments.

    TT - love the idea of a shield becoming a font about peace and stillness.

    AA (L) - I always smile when a counterpoint appears in my work.

    JG - thanks for visiting may we continue to connect.

    V - most of my fonts are meant for the garden - to create destination points.

    L - lol - guess birds also need quiet safe places?

    Go well - B

  6. A beautiful piece, and that burnt patch on the timber is exquisite, as is your photograph of it.

  7. H- yes it has that old salvaged beauty about it.

    C- glad you loved the photo of the burnt bit - I couldn't resist the contrast.

    Cheers. B

  8. This one is particularly beautiful. It looks as though it should hold rain and seems to shimmer like a pool of water.


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