Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Beaten metal in local library

In our town, Maleny, we have a fantastic local library (a branch library really). The Sunshine Coast Council and staff operate the library as a community hub. It not only has books, but provides internet access, meeting space, kids corner, hire of the latest releases.... and exhibition space for local artists on one of its walls and in glass display cabinets at the entrance.  Fiona and I have been invited to do a mini exhibition of our work for three weeks beginning 27 Febuary. But because someone had not taken up their exhibition opportunity I managed to sneak in an extra week - starting 20 Febuary.

On Monday morning Fiona and I set up the above mini exhibition of some of my beaten metal work in my cabinet.

Fiona Dempster © A cascade of Barry's foldformed bowls
 As you can see from the photo of the cabinet and the individual photos below I have included a bit of a variety of pieces. The glass shelves and good down lights are just perfect for showing small shiny works. Some of the works are oldish and some are having their first public outing.

Barry Smith © A cabinet of bright metal
Barry Smith © Bowls, leaves, feathers and bling
Fiona Dempster © Barry's foldformed ring and cuff
Barry Smith © Woven bowl
Fiona Dempster © A litter of metal leaves
Fiona Dempster © 12 Leaf bowl - seems to be suspended in air
The works are not for sale but we made a few postcards and I have left my art-business card in case folk might want to contact me.

Barry Smith © Promotional material
Barry Smith © EPNS leaf postcard
What a great opportunity - book lovers who might also be art lovers get to see what I do. Photos taken with iPhone - bit of reflected blue coming through.


  1. what a beautiful set up - the glass shelves allowing your work to float in light ... a really lovely selection for the public to appreciate and contemplate...

  2. Perfect little exhibition space for your lovely work....shows it off well!! Enjoy!

  3. Your display is stunning! Congrats to you and Fiona on your exhibit at the library. We too have a library in our small town that exhibits local artists...what a wonderful thing.... books and art!

  4. The library is wonderfully supportive of local art. Love your display!

  5. How wonderful to see so many of your pieces together... they look fantastic in the display. Such a great opportunity for more people to appreciate your work.

  6. ~book lovers WILL truly soak up the beauty of your creations...i love the way the light is catching and spreading the colors of the metal in the first picture above...congrats to you on being able to share your art in this space and inspire others with your well and much love light and blessings to you and yours~

  7. MD,P,CM,JM,S/R &B - thanks for your positive support. MD- I agree the glass shelves make the pieces float. P-thanks I will enjoy having them exhibited - the display has been replayed by a couple of people - lovely way to share. CM&JM - some libraries are such community treasures. S/R - I was surprised how the clustering of the pieces created a whole but also enhanced the individual pieces. B
    - bit of serendipity with the light on the metal - lucky that lots of different light was bounced around. Go well and create well. B

  8. Great looking display! Love your fold form cuff and ring. They remind me of the gold jewellery from West Africa. (I'm probably repeating myself :-)

  9. how wonderful B! i was totally captivated by your cascading bowls ... esp the one on the farthest back ... is that camera reflecting colors or does it really have all those lovely colors?

  10. Beautifully displayed, Barry.

    I forgot to tell you, I finally gave away my last of the birthday gifts. They've gone to NZ: the leaf will be displayed on a glass shelf so it floats, and the bowl and words have been placed before the photo of my friend's beloved father. You've made a 60 year old and two 70 year old friends very happy. Thank you.


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