Monday, February 6, 2012

Snow and sculpture in Vermont

If you follow Fiona's blog you would know that we have spent a couple of great days with Gabriella M and Brian S (fellow bloggers and artists) in Rutland Vermont. Who would have thought that on this trip to the US we would have caught up with some great fellow artists as well as seeing some great sights & sites. And of course apart from sharing much over some good red etc we experienced snow and art in Vermont.
Barry Smith © Rust bucket in Rutland
I was also reminded of SZQ when I I saw this junker in the snow outside our Rutland breakfast place (a maple sugar house). The following shots give but a small window on our B&G experience in Rutland. First some shots from Southern Vermont Art Centre.

Barry Smith © Fiona skates on thin ice.
Barry Smith © bronze female warrior 
Barry Smith © Rusted sculpture
Barry Smith © Rusted rio and washer cougar
Barry Smith © Leaf in snow
Barry Smith © Leaf trapped in ice
Barry Smith © Ice and water
 Snow in Rutland - create via a G&B mantra!!!!!

Barry Smith © Tree, snow and screen
Barry Smith © Kangi script?
And of course just a few alterations

Barry Smith © Ice and water - altered
Barry Smith © Kangi script? - altered
Barry Smith © Leaf in snow - altered
Barry Smith © Leaf trapped in ice - altered
Barry Smith © Rio cougar - altered 
Barry Smith © Tree, snow, screen - altered
And the 'famous four'.

Fiona Dempster © Artist across the globe - Gabriella, Barry, Brian and Fiona
The journey continues of course for another couple of days. All Barry's photos taken with iPhone.


  1. Lovely old Junker! Thanks for thinkin' of me too! Nothing better than friends to share and explore the scenic and art landscape. It truly is amazing the connections made thru this love of art. Relish the last few days - they always go so fast.

  2. Love the rusty sculpture.The cougar is spectacular. You two must be having an absolute ball!

  3. B, it was such fun reliving our all too brief visit through these photos! Sitting in my study looking at the very same tree in your snow/screen photo I can hardly believe you guys were ever here!

    The kangi shot is awesome - and I especially like the alteration of "leaf in snow" - the leaf looks much colder in blue!

    I suppose it only remains for me to put up my own post to round out the memoirs of the Fabulous Four!

    Have a safe journey tomorrow.

  4. Barry,

    The photos look great, and I am glad that the two of you had a great time! Thank you for everything!

    I wish you a very safe and stress free journey tomorrow.

    Take care,

  5. Fab photos Barry... but too cold for me...brrrr.

  6. hahaha!! this post reminds me of SZQ too :) hihihi!! and unlike Jo ... i LOVE the snow!!!


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