Sunday, February 26, 2012

Finding inner peace - mandalas

Those who read my blog know that much of my work is influenced by concepts of peace both inner and in the world. Many of my bowls, incense burners, personal shrines and even leaves could, in their own quite ways, be used as reminders or focal points for peace and meditation.

There are many fellow bloggers who share such sentiments and it influences their work including that of  Brian Sylvester.

In an earlier post I reported how fortunate Fiona and I were to catch up with Brian and Gabriella during our time in the US. But I did not report that Brian had painted a special mandala for Fiona and I as a welcoming gift. This piece of sacred art is now hanging in my 'clean studio' (as distinct from the studio that is really the garage) above some of my small collections and in front of me when I am finishing small works inside.

Barry Smith © Welcoming mandala in studio 
Barry Smith ˙© Mandala by Brian Sylvester
Though the jury is out on the original meaning of mandalas and there are a variety of explanations about them - it is agreed that they are sacred art, mostly based on circles or intersecting circles, usually unique in design, full of meaning and can be used as a focal point to mediate on or contemplate on life and its way and meaning.

Brian's work is quite amazing for its level of detail, unique designs and the absolute attention to quality of finish. And I know that as he does this work he gives each piece positive energy that is shared with the person who purchases the work or simply contemplates it. Brian thanks for this work that is now part of our lives. Check out Brian's blog for some inspiring works.


  1. that piece is mesmerizing and certainly is a beautiful focal for meditation... i will definitely take a look at his blog - thank you so much for sharing...

  2. ~good morning my friend...mandalas are something i have always wanted to give a hand at have sparked my thoughts this morning!!!

    a unique and powerful piece of art...i like the boldness yet simplicity of such...

    “Peace is not something you wish for; It's something you make, Something you do, Something you are, And something you give away.”
    Robert Fulghum

    one of my favorite quotes...and i think it sums up the spirit of you quite well...your bowl and leaves have offered healing in so many abundant ways...a tool to focus my thoughts and allow healing to take place each and everyday...

    peace is present in all you create and well and thank you for sharing this artist with us...i look forward to stumbling over for a well and much love light and blessings be with you and yours~

  3. What a beautiful gift!!! I'm sure it will continue to generate peace and tranquility....thanks for sharing it!

  4. This man called Brian - seems like a cool dude! What a wonderful post, Barry. The painting looks absolutely at home. Consider it a placeholder for when we finally get to return the favor and visit you two!

  5. It is lovely, Barry. How wonderful to keep it in your work space... you have such a delightful and intriguing collection on the shelf beneath it...

  6. A beautiful addition to your 'space' Barry.

  7. Barry,

    I am honored and humbled to see the piece perfectly centered and lit in its new home. I am filled with pride, joy and hope and appreciate your friendship and understanding.

    It's been slow going here lately in the studio, but I now have a renewed energy. Thank you!

    Take care,

  8. The Japanese also honor the circle... The cycle of life and completion.

  9. Brian's mandala draws one into the studio. A wonderful focal point and a great reminder of your holiday in the US.


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