Sunday, February 12, 2012

Some ephemeral art from Bunya Dreaming; and bounty from the block

Yesterday I spent the day at Bunya Dreaming with other art4place artists running the 'art challenge'. The Bunya Dreaming gathering art challenge encourages registered 'artists' (children and adults) to create ephemeral olacemaking art according to a theme and/or to reflect the totems of the Aboriginal people of the area (Gubbi Gubbi people). The theme this year was mother as a mark of respect to Beverly Hand's mother who died last year. Beverley is a Gubbi Gubbi elder and driving force behind the Bunya Dreaming gathering - and application and only event. Bunya Dreaming is held on the shores of Baroon Pocket Dam  - the traditional spot for the original Bunya gatherings and feasts.

Though about 40-50 pieces of art were created I want to share the following two adult works. Other works by both child/youth and adult 'artists' and the fuller story of art4place's involvement in the day can be found HERE.

Barry Smith © Goanna Team (women art team) - about the birth of Bunya Dreaming and the Bunya Dreaming place
Barry Smith © Detail of Goanna Team's work
Barry Smith © Infinite black hole - detail Goanna Team's work
Barry Smith © Women out Front - Diamond python - view 1
Barry Smith © WoF - Diamond Python - view 2 (someone stepped on the tail)
The circular work that represents the birth place of Bunya Dreaming has an Andy Goldsworthy influence - the work was about 1.5m in diameter. The work was created by a team of 4 women - a lot of thought and detail in the worked. It had an engaging energy about it. It was created around a hole dug into the earth (about 250mm wide and 400mm deep). The soil is black so the hole had a real infinity look about it. The grass and soil were replaced at the end of the day. Great use of Bunya nuts and husks.

The Diamond Carpet Python is about 6m long - beautiful sinuous lines and made a great use of the discarded Bunya cone segments and sand found on site. The artists, Women out Front group (3 artists plus children and others who wanted to contribute) even found some discarded feathers to indicate that the python had just finished a meal.

And of course life goes on 'on the block'. Fiona and I were out this morning tackling the abundant weeds.
Barry Smith © Fiona's harvest
Barry Smith © Heathy and hot little numbers?
Fiona was restoring order to the veggie garden and came up with the above harvest of onions, rhubarb and bell peppers. Iphone photos.


  1. Thanks for sharing this, Barry! I love it - has me thinking of making a piece for my garden - well, later in the year. Just now, the garden belongs to the birds at the feeders...

  2. how amazing! nature and art coming together to honor. the textures and colors are beautiful!

    my my ... the bell peppers look so yummy and actually really cute. they remind me of those little flowers gems that they use for earrings :)

    i read from Maire's blog that you guys met!! that is SO COOL!! and i am very envious!! you must have had a great time :) it's so rare that online friends get to meet up esp when you're worlds apart. certainly an affair to remember :)

  3. Good stuff, Barry, really love the circle. Though Goldsworthy influenced, it has such a different feeling maybe cause of the Southern Hemisphere vegetation.

  4. these pieces are incredibly engaging by photo - can only imagine in person, esp. given the scale you have indicated... what were the python's eyes made of? the texture is wonderful...
    sadly, here, there is nothing like this culturally rich event with the native americans... we have towns and waterways with their naming, but no people...

  5. It's a wonderful project Barry, with no damage to the land.

    Your land obviously survived your absence and has thanked you for coming back to tend it. Love those peppers.

  6. Making art with what is at hand seems so pure, and authentic. Thanks for the great report Barry.

  7. really inspiring these images, thanks Barry for sharing them!

    A big hug,

  8. Those works of art made on the land are just so beautiful....thanks so much for sharing them! BTW...your veggies look stunning!

  9. Conceptually very interesting very interesting compositions with pineapple scales, beautiful and very creative, I really like. Greetings.


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