Friday, February 17, 2012

Forty finished on Friday

Well the title sounds a bit impressive but it simply means that after a morning at the computer I got down and dirty in the garage-studio. As you can see from the photo below I finished forming and unfolding a few more tiny leaves and then drilled, sanded the edges of them and polished the lot. They look gorgeous on the rust in the afternoon sunlight. All the leaves were made from metal recycled from the base of a salvaged jardiniere. Can you see the wee 1cm leaf on the right?

Barry Smith © A Litter of Tiny Leaves on Rust
I formed etc a few other slightly bigger leaves and gave them a polish as well. They are drilled and ready to become earrings. The more slender silver pair are silver over copper - lovely to work with cold. I wonder if JM can recognise her pair of leaf forms in brass on the left?

Barry Smith © Leaf forms for earrings
Since I was in polishing mode I gave the two small bowls I beat before going to NYC a polish - but left the worn lustre on the the inside - polished a bit to show the hammer-marks and underlying brass. I have been offered space in the exhibition cabinet at the local library for the next few weeks so I think these little bowls will make their way into the display.

Barry Smith © Small beaten EPNS bowls on rust in the setting sunlight
The 12 leaf bowl also got a bit of a polish. It still needs a bit more work to form a slightly deeper bowl. I bought a raising peg in NYC - am still awaiting it to arrive via US post.

Barry Smith © Twelve leaf bowl gets closer to completion.
And to end the day another photo of the forty leaves on greyed wood just to let the tiny ones shine.

Barry Smith © Tiny foldformed leaves reflect the setting sun
It is a good feeling to be getting back into a pattern - the Friday art is a real injection to the soul.


  1. ~good morning my seems its an injection that is fueling your passion...beautiful beautiful pieces...i love how they glisten in the sun light...the wee little bowls remind me of singing they make a sound or ring if you strike them??? your leaf bowl is just gorgeous b...a day of creating that shows perfection!!! be well and much love light and blessings~

  2. I bow to you oh master leaf maker! My eye's never tire of looking at these little gems and that bowl!

  3. Gorgeous, gorgeous, and even more gorgeous. Hope I see you soon to purchase my leaves. Was in Maleny on Valentine's day, but can certainly make the effort to visit any time...

  4. Groovy! Love the photo of all the little leaves on the rust, and those two bowles look like Himalayan singing bowls. Have you ever made any gongs?

  5. I understand that soul injection through art and nature for that matter. It all looks wonderful. Congrats on the library space/showing.

  6. I had to think of singing bowls as well... and the leaves... continue to delight me. Wow - 1 cm, that is TINY. So I too bow to the master leaf maker...

  7. oh oh oh!! faint faint faint!! SOOOOOOO beautiful!! how they glitter in the sunlight! everything is beautiful ... the leaves and the 1 cm one is exceptionally cute :), the worn-ish texture in the bowls and the leaves bowl. that must have taken you ages to make!

  8. F,B,SZQ,JM,VA,TL,S/R,V&L - ah lovers of leaves and sacred sounds - so glad there are fellow like spirits and creatives out there. Thanks for comments on tiny leaves and bowls. The bowls are not singing but because they have beaten brass core and I did not anneal them after much hammering they do make a chime. SZQ - Thanks for my new title. V - some images work - bit of serendipity really - but gift of a setting sun. L - you do make me smile - but these tiny ones would appeal - you do much tiny and whimsical work. Wouldn't it be nice to go to Tibet to work with folk and learn how to craft their singing bowls - need to check that out. Create well and be happy. B

  9. In my other life as a sound healer (don;t do that so much now..) I used to work with a guy with hundreds of singing bowls and gongs. Talk about an extravaganza of shining metal all around! it was great. He also had ancient whistling vessels from Peru. Those were trippy. I wonder what that would be like - going to the Himalayas to learn those sacred bowl recipes, interesting thought.


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