Friday, February 3, 2012

Postcard 4 NYC: the Met & Ai Wei Wei Seeds

Fiona and I spent almost all Wednesday checking out 'the Met' (Metropolitan Museum of Art); and because we needed the exercise trudged down to 24th st. in Chelsea to see Ai Wei Wei's  installation of 'millions' of ceramic sunflowers seeds at the Mary Boone Gallery (no entry fee!!).  'The Met" just blows you away with the absolute size and variety of art and artefacts (some acquired and some ........).

One could rave on about many things but I loved some of the aspects of the Arab exhibitions; the pointillism and impressionists; and the fact that different art eras could be represented through the eyes.

So a couple of fragments in the new galleries for the art of the Arab Lands etc. collection I enjoyed.

Barry Smith © Detail of cloth fragment
Barry Smith © Ceremonial dagger - light and form
Some fragments of the pointillism and impressionists I enjoyed.

Barry Smith © detail Monet - The Four Trees
Barry Smith © Detail - Monet - The Houses of Parliament
Barry Smith © Detail - Seurat - Gray Weather
Barry Smith © Signac - The Jetty at Cassis
Barry Smith © Signac - Lighthouse at Croix
And then some of the eyes.

Barry Smith © VG - Self Portrait
Barry Smith © Andy Warhol - Mao 1973
Barry Smith © Eyes - Close- Lucas

Barry Smith © Eyes - Kaipunesut (ca 25528 B.C.)
Barry Smith © Eyes Egyptian exhibition the Met
And of course some shots of Ai Wei Wei Seeds.

Barry Smith © Corner 'seeds' @ MBG 
Barry Smith © Seed installation @ MBG 
And of course a couple of altered shots.

Barry Smith © Ceremonial dagger - altered
Barry Smith © Seed installation @ MBG - altered
What a place NYC is - unbelievable that one can see and experience so much.


  1. Hello, Barry.

      The coldest winter will be melted by your warm heart.
      The works gently accept all visitors.

      I praise your creative art sense.
      The prayer for all peace.
      Have a good weekend.
    From Japan, ruma ❃

  2. a beautiful way to share your experience... i didn't know ai wei wei's seeds were in the city - only until 2/7 i just read... so glad you go to see them...

  3. OH, its been years since I went to NY to visit all those gems.... Love the eyes through art history!

  4. wow!! B ... it's like an art pilgrimage for you and F. NYC wow!!! i have a blogger fren who is a mixed media artist in NYC too. he does amazing stuff and is also a strong advocate of art. Seth Apter from The Altered Page. i think you guys would have a great time picking each other's brains. :) Well enjoy!! how long would you be there?

  5. You know.... I would of carried luggage if you would of just asked. :) What an experience - thanks for sharing all the lovelies!!

  6. you are in the USA!~ wahoo. I hope the two of you are having a grand time. your photos are fab. I have not been to that museum for so very long! Truly amazing.

  7. Oh, fabulous post B! Its fun to travel vicariously in the blogosphere...and oh, New York, what a place! And, what art there is to see there!

  8. Your pictures are gorgeous. My favorit ~ Eyes Kaipunesut ... absolutely stunning!
    Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

    Gaby xo

  9. This is the first time I've visited the Met... thanks Barry


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