Sunday, February 19, 2012

Time to play with a prototype

On Saturday and Sunday both Fiona and I managed to intersperse a bit of art amidst the work-work (preparing for a couple of conference related events in Melbourne this coming week); and the ordinary things faced by all of us  - maintaing the block and house cleaning etc.

On the trip to NY I sketched a cuff bracelet that was hinged in three places to make it easier to take on and off and form to the wrist a bit more. I managed to complete a prototype - still a bit rough around the edges. Fiona kindly modelled it (see below) and said it had a comfortable feel.

Barry Smith © Hinged brass and EPNS bracelet - top
Barry Smith © Hinged brass and EPNS bracelet - bottom
In the finished piece the side hinge pins would be heated to form balls. At the moment it is held together with wire from used pop rivets The top hinge would have a pin with a ball on one end so that the hinge and pin become part of the design. At the moment the top hinge is held together with a brass plated nail. The band that goes under the wrist would be in one piece so that it would not pinch. The EPNS bits are held with copper rivets.

Barry Smith © Hinged brass and EPNS bracelet - opened top view
Barry Smith © Hinged brass and EPNS bracelet
Barry Smith © Hinged brass and EPNS bracelet - opened - inside view
Barry Smith © Hinged brass and EPNS bracelet - open
I was pleased with the prototype - so when I get a little more time I will make another but with a little more finessing.


  1. Liking the look of this! Your trip sounded inspiring.. plenty of great images you shared xo

  2. I'm really impressed Barry. It's a beautiful piece that fits well. You've taken to jewellery making like a duck to water!

  3. congratulations on taking a 'what if' thought, planning the design and executing the idea... i love those moments... and your connection ideas are interesting...
    this is quite nice - i love the details, but also the fit... i am not always fond of bangles that jiggle around so much... this cuff style looks to remedy that...
    beautiful work on the block this week -

  4. Barry those sculptures are getting smaller and smaller! No matter what you do it's always unique and beautiful. Lovely braclett - you can even punch those beautiful words on each as in your little word gifts.

  5. Barry,

    The bracelet looks smart and comfortable, and I see that you have been busy, busy since your return home!

    Wishing you and Fiona well for the coming week.

    Take care,

  6. That's a change of pace Barry.... and very creative.

  7. that's smashing B! i like the placement of the hinges. always wanted to make hinges for my stuff too ... but have to experiment. i'll try with clay one of these days :) would LOVE to see some more sprouting from this prototype!

  8. S,SS,R,MD,SZQ,BS,JM,&L - good feedback - so think it is worth pursuing. R - the jewelry bits are a good little creative spot I can wander into for a creative snack. MD thought you might like practical and rustic nature of it - F said it looked like it was found in a buried hoard.SZQ - I think small can be intimate - good for handheld stuff. Like the word idea - thanks. BS - yes busy is us - but that is good. JM - well always good to have a bit of variety? L - smashing -lol- yes metal clay could be a good way to go! Go well and create well. B


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