Sunday, December 2, 2012

A few panoramic views

©2012 Barry Smith - Mitre Peak with light breaking through the clouds
Landscapes are very hard to capture in a reasonably size and resolution with the iPhone. I have been playing with the Stitch app on my iPhone in an attempt to capture some of broad majesty of what Fiona and I are experiencing as we travel the south of NZ.

I thought I might share a few of these panoramic photos - not necessarily in chronological order.

©2012 Barry Smith - Blue Lakes on the way to Milford Sound
©2012 Barry Smith Eglinton Valley on the way to Milford Sound
©2012 Barry Smith - Clouds, lake and mountains - Queenstown
©2012 Barry Smith - Milford Sound from our picnic lunch spot
©2012 Jackson Bay - fishing boats, the bay and snow topped mountains 
©2012 Barry Smith - Moody mountains of Milford Sound

Some I stitched after the event; but I an now using the photo capture facility of the app to actually take the photos and immediately create the panorama. Gives much better control over the overlap; and cropping immediately gives better outcomes. 


  1. i love NZ
    thank you for sharing these awesome pics!!
    good travels to the two of you!

  2. i love the very slightly oddness of the makes me feel the wonder of these places, sort of reeling with amazement.

  3. How nice to be transported for a few brief moments. So beautiful!

  4. Great stitches, Barry! I usually stitch after the event as you say but now I'll be checking the photo capture facility. Always so much to learn from you.

  5. R, TL, V, SZQ & C - thank you for joining F and I on our travels - felt it was good just to share some of the things that caught our attention-interest. TL - given your photos of lakes and mountains I can just see you loving NZ. V - I agree the slightly odd photos tend to show the personality of the person capturing the images; and of course the humanness of some creative types. SZQ - pleased the post and photos transported you briefly. C - I'm now fully into using the app to take the photos - much better stitching and fewer photos to delete from the iPhone's memory. All go well and enjoy the beauty. B


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