Sunday, March 3, 2013

A little shine on Sunday

We have had another day of rain, mist and cloud - quite depressing dim light and not a scrap of sunshine to be had. The choices were to sit and read or to continue a little art - the later won out - after all reading can be done at night I hear you say.

On friday 22 Feb I started raising a couple of silver-plate EPNS bowls. So I decided to finish them today. Amazing that I could use the outdoor work bench as it was sheltered enough not to be in the rain - just the occasional drift of mist. When I started annealing the two silver-plate formed bowls I noticed on the bench there were a couple of narrow bowl forms from a couple of copper goblets that I had disassembled - so I thought I'd add them into the metal beating mix. I find it is often just as easy to be working on several pieces when I'm doing constant annealing and beating as one needs to do for raising curved in (podish) bowls.

Anyway - after many annealings and much beating I had the four raised bowls below in the formed but unpolished stage.

©2013 Barry Smith - Silver-plate and copper raised bowls in the rough
Though it was was still raining I managed to bring a small polishing bench under the shelter of the shed-studio and give the four a polish. The high polished finish made it a little difficult to photograph. Then again the contrast of the highly silver-plate and copper, reflections and low light do make for a little mystery.

©2013 Barry Smith - Silver-plate raised bowl (about 8cmX6cm)
©2013 Barry Smith - Two small copper pods - former life - base of slender copper goblet bowl 
©2013 Barry Smith - Cluster of polished bowls with reflections
©2013 Barry Smith - Two silver-plate raised bowls with inward curves
I rather like the two wee copper pods - you can see how small they are in comparison to my hand.

©2013 Barry Smith - Wee copper pods in hand
Not a bad outcome for a rainy afternoon. Now it is time to a glass of wine and a book.


  1. Oh yum Barry, love those bowls. We are home, dry, dry and brown and 30 odd degrees, the garden look dreadful, our trip to Qld was amost surreal, all that green and rain, J had 8 inches yesterday. Cant believe we were there!

  2. Lovely pod shapes! Your rainy afternoon sounds most productive and to end it with a glass of wine and a book .... just perfect.

  3. Ooh these are beautiful, especially the groupings. So lovely to see them whispering to one another.

    When you have time, could you briefly explain annealing Barry? I'm afraid I am a complete novice when it come to metal, apart from wearing it as jewellry of course. Thank you so much.

    1. I need another explanation, too, Barry. As well, can you recommend a book or DVD on annealing please.

  4. Beautiful..., the wee ones. I love them in the rough form, too. Hope you enjoyed your wine and book. Here, snow this morning, though not really going to accumulate. Hope your week is inspiring.

  5. You inspire me to get my stake and hammer out !!

  6. Definitely not a bad outcome. Try to keep's dismal weather.

  7. Such delectable shapes and colours, B! Magical and mesmerising. You certainly deserved a wine or two after such success on the bench.

  8. The hammer marks on your pieces add to the intrigue. Love the wee bowls!

  9. Hi P, R, A, VA, P, JM, C & AA - thanks for your positive comments on the pods etc - and I did enjoy a relaxed glass of wine. P - sorry to hear you were so rained upon - now you have returned to heat. R - I'm obviously growing fond of the pod shapes. A - the smaller pod shapes lend themselves to groups. A & C - annealing is simply the process of soften the metal with heat so it can be worked without splitting etc. Useful to Google You Tube annealing - it will bring up quite a few small tutorials. VA - the wee ones are gorgeous. PnM - if you are inspired to get hammering that is excellent - go for it. JM - trying to stay dry is a challenge - but I do want to get outside. C - I can see you getting into hammering. AA - thanks - finding the right balance between polishing and leaving the maker
    's marks is important as you know as a metal worker. All - go well and create well and enjoy the journey. B

  10. I was wondering their size
    so glad you showed us them being held
    they are adorable and gorgeous all at once!


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