Sunday, March 17, 2013

Printmaking exhibition

As you can see from the brochure below Fiona and I are taking part in a printmaking exhibition over the four days of the Easter long weekend.

The exhibition is in a small gallery-studio space. With 10 artists exhibiting we have decided to limit our works on the wall to 4 pieces each. The focus of all works is 'nature'. I have decided to exhibit two framed versions of the two prints below; and will also have matted unframed versions for sale.

©2013 Barry Smith - Lone tree - limited edition of 5
©2013 Barry Smith - Landscape - limited edition of 5
The print of the tree has been achieved using the drypoint method - scratching into the plate; whereas the landscape is a combination of etching and drypoint. In both cases I made five different print versions off each plate by inking the plate in slightly different ways create different images from the identical plate. My prints are identified as EV - a limited edition that is made up of different versions. Each EV print is numbered as part of the limited edition.

This should be a beautiful small exhibition that highlights the various techniques used in printmaking; and presents high quality works by the 10 artists for sale.


  1. Have a great show!! Nice to see your 2-D work :)

  2. Would love to be there and see this, right up my alley. Not so good here cooler weather and harder to get the body moving.The plight of the dairy farmer is getting worse so no joy there either. I like to think of you both in your glorious house with that view.

  3. I'm sure your exhibition will be wonderful, wish I could get there. Your two works are lovely and I like that all versions are a little different.

  4. ~now these are far different from what i am used to seeing you create...these are beautiful pieces...hhhmmm...i wonder what other hidden talents you behold!!!~

  5. VA, P, C & B - thanks for your positive supportive thoughts and comments. Yes this is a bit of a different take for me. I would like to do more printmaking but there is just so much time for creating. VA - just a little 2D work to remind myself that I can do it. P - sorry to hear that you and the farm are struggling - sending you positive vibes - hang in there until it turns. C - I liked the quirkiness of keeping the plate constant but changing the ink - reflects the moods that is nature in a way. B - had a little chuckle - yes we all display some interesting new dimensions - I had the same reaction when I checked out your new website and discovered your marriage celebrant role. All - go well and explore. B


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