Wednesday, March 6, 2013

On my walk & orchids

Even though we continue to have lots of rain showers,  Fiona and I are trying our best to get out and do our walks and exercise. Today was Fiona's early morning circuit workout with her women's group. I walk and do my own exercise routine. I take a few iPhone photos, such as those below, as I cruise along on my Wednesday walks.
©2013 Barry Smith - New growth from decaying log
©2013 Barry Smith - The brilliance of a fallen decaying leaf
Because everything is saturated the fungi is popping up in all sorts of places.

©2013 Barry Smith - A Fungi cup of pure rain water
©2013 Barry Smith - All in a row
©2013 Barry Smith - Fungi forest in a sudden burst of sunlight
©2013 Barry Smith - Fungi nestled in our grass
And plenty of water collecting in bowls, buckets and wheel barrows.

G2013 Barry Smith - Floating leaf and fern reflection on our rusty fire pit bowl
The moist warm weather has been good for Fiona's dad's orchids - he has quite a few in bloom most of the time.
©20123 Barry Smith - Stunning purple
©2013 Barry Smith - Micro orchids that appears to pretend to be a wasp


  1. Ah yes, your Artist Eye workout day!! Love that forest of mushrooms!
    We're quite a ways from that still, a few feet of snow to melt before the ground will be visible.

  2. The red of that leaf is so... red! Wonderful. Not sure which I like more, the fungi or the orchids, but beautifully photographed as usual. Oh, and the floating fern fronds - maybe that's my favourite.

  3. B - in amongst all the grey and white the world has been I'm amazed at the colour you have found here! That red is beyond red - it is in a zone of its own.

  4. Hi VA & C - thanks for checking out the work-out photography - though I never take my walks for granted and my eyes and head swivel to take in the sights and sounds - taking the 'camera' along does encourage me to pay closer attention. VA - always amazes me - the big world we live in - yes all your goodies are still covered in snow - but I bet they can hear the thaw coming. C - the wind had broken off part of the tree fern - I was just lucky to see the layers - but I also like it. Go well and enjoy the world around you. B

  5. The fungi forest in the sunlight is my favourite. I really enjoyed the walk, thanks Barry.


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