Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Lines and shadows

Fiona and I have just returned to the mountain after almost a week in Melbourne and Canberra for: work-work; art-work; and art-seeing purposes.

As always I'm intrigued by the small things about what we see - fragments of art pieces; the lines; the shadows that 3D pieces create; and small bits of natures art.

Below are a few of the iPhone shots I took.

©2013Barry Smith - Lines of leaves stuck to a water wall
©2013 Barry Smith - A fragment of one of Bea Maddock's long prints in Melbourne
©2013 Barry Smith - Shadows from a fragment of one of  Kristie Rea's works at Canberra Glassworks
©2013 Barry Smith - Rust and shadows  - Bot glyphs
©barry Smith - Grass and shadows - W Teakel
©2013 Barry Smith - Rust and shadows - Bot Glyphs
©2013 Barry Smith - Suspended bonnets in Canberra history installation
©2013 Barry Smith - Small feather caught in a web outside NGA - Canberra
It was a productive trip away on all fronts - but I'm glad to be back on the mountain even though we are now in catch up mode; and it is still raining.


  1. Beautiful fragments Barry, and your header is richest of all!

  2. you have such a keen artists eye. your photos of the shadows are as intriguing as the art installations themselves.

  3. I love the way you document your trips in photos, Barry. A wonderful glimpse into what caught your attention, and so interestingly portrayed.

  4. ~the suspended bonnets are eerily beautiful...a wonderful array of pics captured~

  5. Hi LAM, AA, C & B - thanks for sharing my journey - we all capture so much with our artist eyes. That is one the things I love about an artist life - the journey though life is richer as we have a heightened awareness. LAM - yes the fragments often offer rich details - thanks for feedback on header. AA - you appreciate the images because you also have that keen eye. B - I agree those bonnets were eerie - like floating lost souls. All go well and may we all see the world through artist eyes. B


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