Friday, March 15, 2013

Rust feast

One of the positive outcomes of the continuous rain on the mountain is that rust is curing all over the place. Some of it on the rust bank, some on bits of 'art' that have been left out to cure, and others on gardening implements.

I just could not resist wandering around taking a few quick photos as I think they are a feast for the eyes.
©2013 Barry Smith - Fragment of one of Kim's works.
©2013 Barry Smith - Fragment of one of my pieces.
©2013 Barry Smith - Fragment of one Leaf Litter
©2013 Barry Smith - Fragment of one a rake
©2013 Barry Smith - Old pruning saws
©2013 Barry Smith - Fencing staples
©2013 Barry Smith - Peace fragment continue to cure
©2013 Barry Smith - Rust on rust
©2013 Barry Smith - Bicycle gears on wood block
©2013 Barry Smith - Fragment of my Peace Post.
©2013 Barry Smith - Fragment of Rocking Chair sculpture
©2013 Barry Smith - Fragment of my Flow sculpture
©2013 Barry Smith - Edge of shovel and leaf skeleton
©2013 Barry Smith - Detail of some cutout from Pathway sculpture
©2013 Barry Smith - A photo of rust, srt and footprint - taken sometime ago in our travels 
No wonder we as artists try to capture the brilliant variety of the colours of rust and transfer it to: wood; paper; and fabric - it is such a great mark maker.


  1. ooo... totally captivated by the shovel and leaf skelleton - the leaf has been dyed by the rust? Way cool!!

  2. Oh ghee what a wonderful feast for the eyes!

  3. gorgeous!
    such artful captures you have shared with us Mister B.

  4. I'm wanting to write even a semi-intelligent comment about all the lovely rust you've shared, but all my mind (and rust loving soul) are capable of at the moment is lusting after your rusty photos. Would this qualify as rust porn? Ha!

  5. Love the photos. love rust.Just dont like it when something I need to use is rusted up!

  6. The leaf skeleton/shovel image is my favourite but they all please my rust loving heart.

  7. Fabulous photos of rust. Makes my heart sing.

  8. LT, VA, CM, TL, J, P, R & C thanks for coming out of the closet and admitting that you are rust smitten - not a bad thing. Sorry for tardy response to you comments which are appreciated - just need ti know I'm not alone in this rustlust.. LT - rustabolous - I like it. VA & R - yes - nature has done a great job in dying the skeletal leal - it was a lovely find. CM - glad you could give your eyes a rust feast. TL - you share so much - good to be able to reciprocate. J - i had to lol - rust porn - still smiling - no need for semi-intellectual comments - the image says it all. P - funny how rust is good as long as it is in its artistic place. R - lol - rust loving heart. C - I'm so glad i have connections with other rust mad ones. All go well and enjoy life. B


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