Friday, March 22, 2013

Fire on Friday

Bit of a frustrating day from an art-creative perspective today as much of the day has been taken up with community work. Though that work has been successful I do get a bit edgy about not getting my art hit on Friday - selfish I know but...

During our recent trip south I managed to meet with the gallery shop in the National Gallery of Australia to see if they would carry some of my work - and the answer was yes - they would purchase a small selection of my raised pod bowls for resale in their shop. But this also meant I wanted to have stack to select from to send to them.

©2013 Barry Smith - Blurry one handed photo of annealing - slightly over cooked the bowl
So this afternoon it was out with the metal and flame and into hammering. A couple of the bowls are being beaten from scratch.

©2013 Barry Smith - Circle of old recycled EPNS - punched into rudimentary bowl
©2013 Barry Smith - Bowl takes shape after 3-4 sessions of annealing and hammering
And some are being made from cutting down wine goblets and hammering them and reforming them into the pod form.

©2013 Barry Smith - Reclaimed goblet begins to get a deeper form
©2013 Barry Smith - Three reclaimed cut down goblets deepen and begin to curve inwards to take on pod form
I worked none stop for 2-2.5 hours heating and hammering to get to the rough stage I have with the bowls above. It always amazes me how many annealings and beatings go into each bowl - slowly encouraging them to take the form one wants. I worked hard and fast and yet there is still a long way to go. Hopefully I will be able to complete them over the weekend.

Now it is off to relax, rest the weary muscles and break out a red wine.


  1. Gosh, B, you deserve that red wine. I love watching your process as your metal takes shape and form. The beauty of the finished article really matches the beauty of the process.

  2. Good news... another place to spread your work around :)

    ... and, no, not selfish at all missing your studio time. I haven't been in the studio ALL WEEK and I'm starting to go a tad crazy. I had taxes to do and it took me three days, usually, I have these in the studio. So... tomorrow.

  3. Not selfish at all, Barry. It's a way to top up the energy well. Petrol for your car:-)

    Loving the deeper pod forms and the second image reminds me of a jacaranda pod.

  4. ~you give so much...never feel of guilt for wanting a bit of time to yourself and art...its a normal natural feeling that resides!

    over the moon to hear they said yes...i wish you all the best in this new adventure...

    these bowls are pure magic...beautifully well and much love light and blessings~

  5. Congrats Barry. Having your work in a major gallery shop is not to be sneezed at...AND...'me' time is very important to everyone's well-being.

  6. C, VA, R, B & JM - thanks for visiting and giving ongoing support. C - I marvel at the process and transformation - it is what I love most about the work. VA - HMMMM!!! doing taxes is far far worse - you really need art time after that. R - you are right of course - art is the fuel of our lives and it does help us to do the other things. B - thanks for your comment re NGA - a risk that has paid off. Thanks for the blessings. JM - also thanks for the NGA gig - good recognition. And I know you understand the need for an art fix. All - go well and may we find the time to create. B

  7. Not selfish at all B ... we all feel that way ... it's in the DNA!! :)
    at the rate you're going, B i can imagine you must be pretty in shape. I've been on my workout routine now for more than a year, but i could never lift weights more than half an hour straight. so 2.5 hours of non stop metal work, you'll soon be like Arnie!!


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