Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Valley and mountain panoramas

The light and mood of the valley below us is always changing as are the sunsets in the valley and to the west.

Thought I'd share a few panoramas I have taken with the iPhone over the last month using the Autostitch app on the iPhone.

©2013 Barry Smith - A hint of red
©2013 Barry Smith - Clouds gathering
©2013 Barry Smith - Blaze amidst the charcoal grey
©2013 Barry Smith - A slice of blue
And there are a few I manipulated using PhotoStudio app..

©2013 Barry Smith - Pastel shades

©2013 Barry Smith - A brooding shy
©2013 Barry Smith - Violet delight
I never get tired of the valley view or the sunsets in the west. Nature offers an ever changing canvas.


  1. I'm glad you never take your stunning view for granted!!

  2. I can't imagine anyone getting tired of the everchanging sky view... and those mountains. Great shots.

  3. Photos to gladden the heart, B. Your views are so spectacular!

  4. N. VA & C - thanks for your comments - sorry for being tardy to acknowledge them - as you know we were on the road and playing catch up since returning home. Glad you liked the images I shared - a reminder to me just how fortunate Fiona and I are - and each day we recognise that. Go well and enjoy the energy of your patch. B


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