Sunday, October 13, 2013

A few photos from the block

We had a very colourful visitor during the week; and both Fiona and I posted a couple of photos on Facebook. Interestingly enough the Peacock came back when I was watering the pumpkin vines near the shed-studio; and it came within a couple of metres of myself and just stopped. I headed back to the house to get the camera.

When I came back the Peacock was having a fine time eating Nasturtiums - that was apparently why it came so close - I was just in the way of it getting to the Nasturtium patch. Photos of it enjoying itself are below.

©2013 Barry Smith - Peacock in the Nasturtium patch - checking me out 
©2013 Barry Smith - Peacock in the Nasturtium patch - checking out another flower to eat
It then wandered into the neighbours Nasturtium patch.

©2013 Barry Smith - Peacock in the neighbour's Nasturtium patch
Whilst checking out the Nasturtiums I noticed a few bees were active so I played with the telephoto lens and captured the water drops on the flower ....

©2013 Barry Smith - Clear beauty
... and a bee going about its business.

©2013 Barry Smith - Bee drops in for a bit of pollen
©2013 Barry Smith - Enroute between flowers 
©2013 Barry Smith - Bee emerges and has a look around 
Just magic to be in the right place sometimes.


  1. Love the blue of the peacock in the midst of the nasturtiums - electric.

  2. Your beautiful photos are always such a treat! Who would have thought that peacocks would enjoy the peppery flavor of Nasturtiums! Another lovely post.

  3. How lovely to have a resident Peacock B. Looks like the Bee didn't mind having it's photo taken the last image looks like it was posing for the shot :-)

  4. They are gorgeous birds, but can be noisy if living near you.

  5. Hi VA, AA, K & JM - thanks for checking out the very colourful visitor. VA - such stunning colours. AA - I must admit I did not have a clue what Peacocks ate until I saw it devouring flower after flower. K - I had to be pretty quick with the button to catch the bees - they can move. JM - i'm glad it was just a visitor. Go well. B

  6. Yes, very nice photos, wonderful colors in the peacock and flower! Greetings!

  7. Camera magic, B! The third pic of the blue eyes in the peacock's train and the blue of what? forgetmenots, is amazing. Oh it takes me back to my childhood when we had peafowl and gorgeous pheasants wandering around the farm. I'd love to have a peacock but not sure about the neighbours and the noise which I love but have to admit is raucous. Glorious nasturtiums!

  8. What beautiful images... what a splendid looking peacock--- the colors of flowers are so vivid.


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