Friday, October 4, 2013

People matter

Friday is one of those days I just love to get into the studio-garage and do my art thing - and today I managed to do that but in the latter part of the afternoon. The earlier part of the day was taken up with community meetings and a part of this afternoon assisting a friend. But as the heading of this post says if one does not put people first then what is the meaning of art anyway.

©2013 Barry Smith - Bowls, leaves and incense holders for Travellers' Shrines
And I worked on finishing a couple of my Travellers' Shrines which are about people - people taking life and spiritual travels or journeys. The square shrine below is to be taken to Rosebed Gallery on Sunday as it is be be delivered to its owner just before we take our Paths to Peace and Stillness exhibition home.
©2013 Barry Smith - Square shrine (8x8cm) packed and tied for 'the journey'
©2013 Barry Smith - Square Travellers' Shrines
The smaller rectangular one below will head off overseas once I have completed a second square shrine to accompany it on its journey.

©2013 Barry Smith
As indicated in an earlier post my Travellers' Shrines are usually made from quality and decorated recycled silver plated EPNS and are supplied with: a small incense holder and a small bundle of incense sticks (broken from longer sticks of Japanese incense); a small bowl which can be used as an offering bowl or to catch the ash of the burnt incense; and an inspirational leaf - usually with the word peace stamped on it or people who request a shrine can choose their own word (the shrine going to Rosebed on Sunday has the word love stamped on the leaf form as the person requested that word).

©2013 Barry Smith - The contents of my Travellers' Shrines
But it is expected that owners will want to add their own bits and pieces such as in the photo below.

©2013 Barry Smith - Examples of things people could add - personal and meaningful bits
I love the thought that people will incorporate the use of my Travellers' Shrines into their daily life and spiritual journeys; and their actual travels. Red wine calls - so I must away.


  1. I've taken a little rest from the blog world but reading your post makes me realize just how much I need blogging in my life. The connection with other artists is extremely important to me. I feel so inspired looking at the beauty you create.

  2. Your travelers' shrines are speaking to me this morning...of ritual, of peace, of being present, of having all the time in the world...even if it is just a few moments. And of connections. Beautiful.

  3. so lovely
    for everyone is a traveler Elizabeth Bunsen

  4. Beautiful post, Barry and inspiring work.

  5. R, J, EB & AA - thanks for your generous comments - always appreciated. R - I can understand the need to be tempted by a rest from Blogging - but I do find it keeps me motivated and I just like to see what my blog community is up to - Facebook doesn't really give one the details ass blogging does. J - Thank you - glad that they resonated with you. EB - you are so right - we are all travellers and all need a little help along the way. AA - thanks - there is so much mutual inspiration in the blog community - it is one of my sources of energy. All - go well. B

  6. Beautiful, B, so inspiring. I agree about Facebook, fun but nowhere near as inspirational as going to look at much loved blogs.


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