Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Circular Personal Shrine

I have completed a circular Personal Shrine. I was asked to make it with a moon and stars theme to it.

My Personal Shrines differ from the Travellers' Shrines in that the former are used to create a personal and sacred or quiet space in a home; whereas the Travellers's Shrines are able to be taken on journeys. The shrine is about 32cm in diameter and the shelf about 10cm wide.

©2013 Barry Smith - Moon and stars personal shrine
This shrine started its life as: a couple of large serving trays; the lid of a food bowl; cogs from old clock; large brass and copper tacks; and a scrap of 10mm thick marine ply.

©2013 Barry Smith - Large trays - ready for further  cutting for the shrine
©2013 Barry Smith - Choosing and placing the pieces
These all come together in a shiny way to form the shrine.

©2013 Barry Smith - All nailed together
Of course as a shrine it also gets an offering bowl and an inspiration leaf (peace).

©2013 Barry Smith - Bowl and leaf on the shrine shelf
This Personal Shrine is now ready for a new home; and to create a sacred-quiet space.


  1. B - lovely piece, certainly buffed up nice and shiny. K

  2. Truly original and creative these compositions, I really like the leaves!


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