Sunday, October 27, 2013

Progressing a bunch of things

I have a number of projects on the drawing board at the moment. The projects include: a circular Personal Shrine; Daily Words sets; a Leaf Spiral around a stainless steel cylinder; and a 3D piece for COMA. I have decided to progress them together as tasks permit. Spare time over the last couple of days have been spent mainly on cutting up and doing some initial hammering and polishing.

Mind you one casualty of all this cutting was my small guillotine. I don't know my own strength - I busted the stainless steel handle.

©2013 Barry Smith - Busted guillotine handle
I cut and hammered pieces for the circular Personal shrine; and then managed to drill and polish those pieces for assembling.

©2013 Barry Smith - Cutdown tray, lid of a bowl and clock part for Personal Shrine
©2013 Barry Smith - Polished Personal Shrine bits including shelf
Thanks to Kim S for rescuing the two trays that have gone into this Personal Shrine. They looked in pretty bad shape; but after quite a bit of polishing they have come up OK. Shows you can't judge metal by it grime.

Cut lots of fine brass sheet for leaves for my COMA piece.

©2013 Barry Smith - New fine brass for tiny leaves
Cut and did the first stage of hammering of 10 Daily Word bowls.

©2013 Barry Smith - Rough formed Daily Words bowls
Cut the metal for words for Daily Words.

©2013 Barry Smith - About 100 blanks for words cut from silver plated EPNS scrap
And cut and annealed copper for the leaf spiral.

©2013 Barry Smith - Recycled copper cut and annealed for leaf forms (about 15cm long)
And because I was in a cutting and polishing mode I made a wee book for the Maleny Celebration of Books team (which includes Fiona) to mark the completion of this years huge and successful effort. I cut the CoB brochure down and included it in the riveted book.

©2013 Barry Smith A rough wee brass and paper book (55mmX85mm) in recognition of great team and community work
A good weekend of work in the studio-garage. I will get to finish a couple of the pieces during the week.

The person who commissioned the Steampunkish magazine rack paid for it and took delivery of it today - a happy client.


  1. There is such a buzz over here, Barry. I'm catching up with posts and enjoying all your latest creations from earrings to magazine racks, shrines and fonts.

  2. so wonderful to see the projects you are up to
    beauty in each detail

  3. The Personal Shrine is fabulous, B! You really are working well and consistently.

  4. Hi R, TL & C - thanks for checking out the variations of creations. There are times when the demand it there and one just has to go for it. The variety also stops one from getting bored and thinking you are in production mode - even though to an extent that is the case. Haven't had a much time lately just to beat pod because I want to - though I am getting back to that. All - go well in your creative lives. B you

  5. Love your Personal Shrine, it looks fabulous. And the copper pieces for the leaf spiral are very beautiful. There is always so much warmth in your photographs. It's great that you have so many projects ahead -busted stainless steel handle and all!


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