Friday, October 25, 2013

Font finished on Friday

We are pretty busy with Maleny Celebration of the Book this afternoon so I got into finishing the font stand; and cutting up silver plated EPNS for my next tasks.

©2013 Barry Smith - Iron flower like circle to hold the bowl and iron post top - copper nails and rivets
The font stand has turned out well; it works as a singing bowl  - that is good; though it does not vibrate as much as do some bowls in youtube videos. A few photos of the finished post are below. You can see I have routed a design into each face. This is one of the design elements from the bowl.

©2013 Barry Smith - Iron flower like circle to hold the bowl and iron post top and routed faces of post
©2013 Barry Smith - Post with bowl in place
©2013 Barry Smith - Full set - water in place
©2013 Barry Smith - Top down view of bowl
©2013 Barry Smith - Side view of bowl and water - quiet reflections
It looks good at the entrance to our studio-gallery (601mvr).

©2013 Barry Smith - Welcome to the front door?
I think the prospective owner will come to see it early next week.  The black spots on the bowl are some sticky sponge the owner attached - I think it will be removed. The post has been oiled with an eco  red stain decking oil.  Now I can go to the haiku workshop this afternoon feeling reasonably righteous.


  1. Beautiful Barry... and how does the water bowl sound?

  2. Excellent work, Barry! The font stand is beautiful. Those black spongy things might even be the reason the bowl does not vibrate so strongly....

  3. HI VA & S - thanks for checking out the finished font. The sound is not a beautiful and relaxing as a Tibetan singing bowl but one can adjust the resonance by the pressure on the handles. S (R) I agree the spongy material could impact on the vibration. At least I feel; I have done an OK job on making the stand. Go well B

  4. That's stupendous!!!...Clever you. LOVE the bowl.

  5. Yes, B, clever is the word. And a true artist. This is just wonderful!

  6. Hi JM & C - thanks for your supportive endorsement. The good news is that it went to a new home today - always good when the commissioned piece is actually welcomed. Go well. B


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