Friday, July 18, 2014

A bit of a fishy Friday

©2014 Barry Smith - Small (250mm long) metal fish at sundown - looks like it is pretending to be a shark
Amidst other things I got to work on my fish installation commission today. I had started creating larger metal fish on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons - the biggest is 575mm long. Today the effort went into smaller metal fish - the smallest is 250mm long. Fiona asked what sort of fish they are - I said Barry-fish.

I make a series of components as seen below and then rivet the lot together.

©2014 Barry Smith - Looks like an Ikea fish
So the four small fish I made today are as follows.

©2014 Barry Smith - Four quirky metal fish
And a couple of shots of a small fish with a bit of body action.

©2014 Barry Smith - Fish with a twist
The bigger fish are made from the patterned section of a very large brass jardiniere.

©2014 Barry Smith - Big fish - just cruising
And the school of fish so far look like this.

©2014 Barry Smith - And the school of metal fish thus far
I am about to finish this very windy and cold day by making a couple of pizza (one is smoked salmon of course); and having a glass of red or two - just to warm up of course.


  1. Definitely something fishy about this post...well done! Pizza and red wine....hmmm...makes me want to go back to Italy...or even Mtn View Road.

  2. I think I see a school of barracuda. You've worked hard Barry. Enjoy the pizza. Smoked salmon ... my favourite.

  3.   beautiful creations, sunflowers and beautiful fish, great job!

  4. LOVE your fish, B, just so clever and beautiful. As you know, fish are my favourite inspiration so I'm really enjoying see you bringing these to life.

  5. Hi JM, V, R, L & C - I find there is something about collections or multiples that catch the eye and I think that is working with the fish. JM - whilst Mtn View Rd is great - Italy also sounds grand. V - thanks V - I think a cluster of the smaller ones would have a lot of interesting movement. R - I laughed about the barracuda - a friend said they thought they were not Barry fish but rather Barrycudas. Smoked salmon another thing we share. L - thank you. C - I did not know that fish were a favourite inspiration - you would really like the smaller ones as they have a lot of life and movement. All go well & go peacefully. B


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