Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Of morning and metal (cut and spiralled)

It was cold and clear this morning - so it made for some great early morning light as you can see from the photos below.

©2014 Barry Smith - Early light floods the valley half hour after the photo below
©2014 Barry Smith - Pre-dawn, city lights and stars in the sky
©2014 Barry Smith - Impossible colours of the sunrise
©2014 Barry Smith - Power lines and morning star
©2014 Barry Smith - Stitched photo of sunrise - Treehaven Way
Yesterday afternoon I cut up 6 larger trays and marked the metal up as the start of a commission to make 30 Daily Word sets before the end of the year - good to do them in stages.

©2014 Barry Smith - Metal harvest
©2014 Barry Smith - Offcuts from the harvest
©2014 Barry Smith - Brass and silver filings
I got a bit sidetracked yesterday afternoon as I formed an ornate silver plated EPNS handle of a tray into a spiral bracelet.

©2014 Barry Smith - Spiral and pearl bracelet
©2014 Barry Smith - Spiral and pearl bracelet
The bracelet is to go with the spiral and pearl earrings. I think progressing a number of things is just one feature of my work - it keeps the creative interest bubbling.


  1. Beautiful sunrise shots, Barry! Lots of nice cutting up happening there, and your silver and pearl bangle is amazing!

  2. I agree with Carol.... amazing bracelet, Barry. Dainty and pretty.

  3. Hi C & R - thanks for checking out the post; and commenting. The good news is that the owner of bracelet has picked it up - and is very excited to have a unique piece that includes her pearls which she no longer wore - I like that as an outcome - combining my interest in recycling and that of the person who commissions work. Go well and create well. B


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