Sunday, July 13, 2014

Peace 'prayer' wheel

Over the weekend I managed to finish my peace prayer wheel. This is my version of a Tibetan prayer wheel which when spun sends a prayer or aspiration into the ether.

©2014 Barry Smith - Section of Peace prayer wheel
My prayer wheel is has three levels of prayers or aspirations. On the lower level there is the saying "imagine peace"; on the upper level there are five prayers: seek peace, give peace, act peace, dream peace and be peace; and on the front panel is the saying "give peace a chance". Some images images follow:

©2014 Barry Smith - Peace prayer wheel at sunset yesterday
©2014 Barry Smith - Looking to peace and the sky
© 2014 Barry Smith - Prayer wheel at sunset
©2014 Barry Smith - Section of prayer wheel at sunset
My peace wheel is made from: a large pulley out of a washing machine; a three spoked piece out of an old lamp; 8 vanes made from an old fruit tray; a double bearing piece out of an old grinder; 2 exhaust clamps; 5 goblet bowls; and a new piece of aluminium pipe.

The wheel is meant to rotate with the breeze  - but it appears to be a bit heavy for the breezes we have had so far - I will see how it goes. Of course it can be spun by hand as prayer wheels usually are.   It will be installed at the top of our block in time for International Day of Peace as part of Flags for Peace.


  1. I've been waiting for this. Amazing piece, Barry! Does it make a noise when it turns?

  2. on your peace day, i wouldn't be surprised if that wheel keeps on turning. i think it's appropriate that human hands must make it turn.

  3. I've been waiting too, B, and I'm not disappointed. That photo of the prayer wheel at sunset is really beautiful. It will be a beautiful addition to the block.

  4. Hi R, V, VA, C & CE - thank you for your supportive comments. R - no it is very quiet because of well oiled bearings. V - you could be right about the universe turning the wheel. C, VA & CE - thanks. Peace. B

  5. The Peace prayer wheel has been spinning prayers non stop for the last 24 hours. B

  6. You are a genius! This wheel is unique!


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