Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Playing with colour and light

The moods and light of the valley and on Treehaven Way always gets me in - the natural soft tones and puddles of clouds. But I also get tempted to play with the light and colour - I think it provides the opportunity to draw out some details I might not see in the soft light. And sometimes it is just playing with the contrasts of flipping the light to a different solar spectrum.

A few days ago I realised I had a number of altered photos in my phone - so I thought I'd transfer them and a few others from today - and share a few.

©2014 Barry Smith - Bending the wires and the light on Treehaven Way at sunrise
©2014 Barry Smith - A fragment of morning moon at the top of our driveway 
©2014 Barry Smith - Same morning moon and the rainbow in the altered light - Treehaven Way
©2014 Barry Smith - Looking to the west
©2014 Barry Smith - Painting the full panorama of the valley
©2014 Barry Smith - Maybe a shower of rain?
 Below are softer naked photos of the first and last light of today.

©2014 Barry Smith - First light today
©2014 Barry Smith - Last light today
Where would I be without my iPhone and apps?


  1. Just beautiful, Barry, your view is stunning as always...

  2. Hi C - a joy to live here; and a joy to share. B

  3. even give the sky a patina Barry!


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