Sunday, July 27, 2014

Box and bowls

I managed to finish the metal treasure box for Helen over the weekend; continued work on the shallow hammered bowls for the Daily Words commission; and just did a little work on a few Starburst Bowls in the making.

The metal treasure box is made from two recycled rectangular silver-plated EPNS trays with intricate designs on them - quiet a bit of metal - the lid measures 18x11.5x3.2cm. Both the lid and bottom are riveted with copper rivets. The bottom fits very snugly into the lid; and both are bound with a 25mm wide strip of soft grey leather.

©2014 Barry Smith - Larger metal treasure box - side
©2014 Barry Smith - Larger metal treasure box - top
©2014 Barry Smith - Larger metal treasure box - view of lid and bottom
The photos below show the next 10 bowls for the Daily Words commission - hammered with wooden mallet into the shallow bowl form; and then hammered on the anvil for texture and strength.

©2014 Barry Smith - Bowl on the anvil
©2014 Barry Smith - Bowls in front of the anvil
©2014 Barry Smith - Ready for another annealing and reshaping
And whilst working on the Daily Words bowls I continued the process of forming some small Starburst bowls.

©2014 Barry Smith - Starburst bowls under water in the rough in the quenching basin
The small Starburst bowls are being made from recycled bases off goblets, egg holders and vases.

All in all a good outcome for the weekend given we needed to fit in life, house and gardening. I think I'm tired now.


  1. = ) LOVE your pretty!

  2. What a productive weekend you and Fiona have had. Helen's box is exquisite. Enjoy!

  3. One treat after another! The box is just beautiful, and watching the bowls and star bursts appear is just a joy!

  4. Love that box. Do wish we could come up to visit but not sure how well the patient is progressing, won't really know if we can escape for a day until we get there.

  5. Your work is beautiful Barry. The box is to hold some treasures, but it is of course a treasure itself!

  6. Hi S, J, C, P & H - thanks for the comments - always good to have positive feedback from fellow artists. S - thanks - lots more bowls to happen. J - some weekends just turn out good - I'm sure Helen will be pleased that others think her treasure box is good. C - i love that the discards can become starbursts. P - thanks - it would be good to see you. H - thanks - hope it lives up to expectations. All - go well. B

  7. I'm caught up again after scrolling down through your posts... love the boxes and bowls and wonderful bird and bat houses.

  8. Hi VA - always good to get the time to check friends and fellow artists out - thanks for your positive reaction to the boxes, bowls and bat houses. Enjoy your renovations. Peace. B


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