Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Inspiration in the workplace

As you know from an earlier post I have started work on my commission of 30 sets of Daily words. What I didn't mention is that these will be given as corporate gifts to business people- that could be different for some folk.

Well they will getting bowls that go from dull, dirty and burnt…

©2014 Barry Smith - Daily Word bowls hammered but not ground and polished
©2014 Barry Smith - A stack of Daily Word bowls in the rough on the annealing pit
To shiny bowls that still have the marks of history and the maker…

©2014 Barry Smith - Shiny Daily Word bowls on the rust table - nice contrast
Most of the words for these sets of Daily Words are different - they are: authenticity, assertiveness, mindfulness, empathy, respect, peace and resilience - both motivational but also a balance of treating people well. The stamping of these longer words takes a bit more time; but hopefully they may add something to the lives and business of the owners.

©2014 Barry Smith - Daily Words for the workplace
I'm working on these in batches of 10 - and the first batch is well on the way.


  1. Congratulations on the commission!

  2. What a massive effort this is; but how special to share these words and your work with others.

  3. What a wonderful commission and what a wonderful gesture from a company...thumbs up to them for supporting their local artists! Beautiful as usual Barry.


  4. Hello, Barry.

      Your works is embraced in your gentleness.
      And sweet message charms my heart.

      The prayer for all peace.
      I wish You all the best.

    Have a good day. from Japan, ruma ❀

  5. Great commission, B, and how wonderful that they are going to business people. Your choice of words is very apt. This will be a gift to treasure.

  6. J, F, SZQ, Ruma & C - thanks for your support regarding this commission and thew batches of work. J - thanks. F - massive is right - lot of production going on. SZQ - you are right - unusual for a business to go this way but I like it and it could start a good trend. Ruma - thanks for the peace. C - the great thing is that the business owner received pine of standard Daily Word sets and requested her own words - her business choice - even better. All - go well. B

  7. Wow - I love the photo of those bowls on top of the rusty stuff - they are gorgeous!

  8. Spoons and ladles, fish and sunflowers, commissions of bowls and words ....... you always amaze me Barry. So much output, all beautiful.

  9. SD & SB - thanks - rust and silver - good contrast. The range and output often has something to do with the challenges folk throw my way. Peace. B


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