Wednesday, June 17, 2015

A break in the weather for polishing

©2015 Barry Smith - Silver-plated copper disk earrings
The weather has been pretty ordinary over the last week - rain showers on and off everyday - no chance for walks or for doing outside work. But in one of the breaks between showers I managed to grind and polish the bracelets, earring disks and neck piece. I have added a solid gold jump-ring to each of the pair of earrings as a bit of a contrast-highlight. All earrings have solid 925 silver ear-wires. I thought I'd share a few photos of the results.

Three polished cuff bracelets.

©2015 Barry Smith - A trio of silver-plated cuff bracelets

©2015 Barry Smith - A trio of silver-plated cuff bracelets
Three sets of matching earrings for Meg and her two daughters.

©2015 Barry Smith - Three sets of silver-plated disk earrings with negative space
©2015 Barry Smith - Silver-plated disk earrings with negative space
And three sets of earrings for Fiona to choose a pair from. The others will make their way into my shop.

©2015 Barry Smith - Silver-plated disk earrings - three different styles
The neck piece also shaped and polished up well.

©2015 Barry Smith - Three sectioned silver-plated neck piece
It was a good feeling to finish this part of the commission. I think I have a few bowls and a few other small bits left for Meg.


  1. All of these are beauties but those bracelets are absolute stunners! Lovely job on all.

  2. Hi AA & C - thanks for your comments. AA - the fold-form bracelets are delicious in the recycled patterned metal. C - great that the discards can become loot. Peace. B


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