Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Winter solstice - morning light and the moon

On Monday we had the shortest day of the year - our winter solstice - I was very aware of just how dark the mornings had become. The photo below shows the mountains in the valley with the faint lights of Brisbane and its port in the distance. Interesting dark low light captured by the iPhone.

©2015 Barry Smith - Dark morning light
By the time I reached Treehaven Way the sun began to show a bit of colour.

©2015 Barry Smith - Power poles and morning light
©2015 Barry Smith - Light transforms the horizon
©2015 Barry Smith - I love the power lines cutting across the heavy sky
And of course one is lucky to be able to appreciate the moon on some cold and clear early evenings.

©2015 Barry Smith - Half a moon on the night after the shortest day (Tuesday night)
©2015 Barry Smith - Ragged edge of the moon
©2015 Barry Smith - The colour of cloud and distorted moon

The Evening Star (Venus) is also such a bright presence.

©2015 Barry Smith - The colour of Venus - telephoto lens on maximum - no detail
The low light does not make for many photos on the walk or the block; but the little nectarine flower below continued to offer colour today even though we pruned the tree yesterday morning - all the pruning have been kept to dry to use for kindling in Fiona's studio fire.

My afternoons have been dedicated to continue the job of sorting my studio-garage - I have now moved onto serious sorting and categorising my recycled metal including off cuts.

©2015 - Very small chips of metal (silver-plated brass) for smelting
The shortest day has passed - so next Monday I'm expecting a little more light when I head off for my morning walk


  1. i've loved the images here, and feel that lack of light, while here we are in summer solstice days. looking at the past few posts (i'm trying to catch up with friends) i see that you've completed a big job and like how you've used up those old, well, ugly old bits and made them new and fresh and fun. oh, and beautiful.

  2. I'm already noticing dawn slowly appearing earlier each day, with much delight I have to admit. Great photos, B, your iPhone does you proud. Can't wait to see the off cuts in their next life after smelting.


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