Sunday, June 28, 2015

Creating with castoffs….

©2015 Barry Smith - Crystal, section of teapot handle plus careful cutting etc  = pendant
I have finally finished my marathon task of cutting up metal and resorting it.

The last task was to cut up and dissemble tea pots, goblets, milk jugs and sugar bowls etc. These objects often have tough metal, many curves and attachments so they require some extra cutting and sweating off of soldered bits etc.

The pile started like this.

And ended up like this. Sad to cut these up I know - but nobody wants them and they were off to the scap metal merchants. The metal will be given a new life.

I also had a number of spouts and handles - what can one do with these?

Small jug and sugar bowl handles can become pendants (for example for Meg and her daughters).

©2015 Barry Smith - Bowl handle pendants
The tips of teapot spouts can become flower-like with stamens protruding from the bottom

©2015 Barry Smith - Flower pendant 1 - formerly teapot spout
©2015 Barry Smith - Flower pendant 2 - formerly teapot spout
©2015 Barry Smith - Flower pendant 3 - formerly teapot spout
Parts of hollow handles will become pendants such as the one at the start of this post.

And other bits can become stands for bowls.

I put some jump rings on some as if holding water pieces.

©2015 Barry Smith - As if holding water pendant - maybe holding sparkling wine?
©2015 Barry Smith - As if holding water pendant
©2015 Barry Smith - As if holding water earrings
Watch out for my Wednesday post as I will be having a giveaway of as if holding water pendant prototypes.


  1. Lots of interesting ideas here, I am amazed at how you think out all these designs.

  2. Those handle pendants are beautiful, as are the flower pendants. The last pair of earrings are very pretty. Great making, Barry.

  3. Good to see rescue pieces, otherwise going to the scrap metal pile, being re-purposed and used again B. Awesome stuff!

  4. P, C & K - Hi gang - thanks for checking out the latest from the cutting bench. P - even Fiona says she worries about my weird brain and what I find. C - thanks - I like them - they remind me off Corrie blossoms. K - well we just need to keep on diving and using the junk. All - peace. B


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