Sunday, June 14, 2015

More of Meg's metal

©2015 Barry Smith - Detail of metal disks
I got a couple of hours yesterday afternoon and this morning for some creativity; so I decided to do a third stash of work for Meg using more of her metal (aka old family silver).

When I'm making pieces I'm always conscious that I'm making pieces for a mother and two adult daughters - so I try to make three of most items where the metal permits. It has rained all weekend so I was only able to do the cutting band forming of the pieces - I will need a fine day to do the grinding and polishing. So all the pieces I worked on are in the rough.

I formed a few cuff bracelets.

©2015 Barry Smith - Couple of bracelets by the anvil
©2015 Barry Smith - Three cuff bracelets ready for grinding and polishing
I punched out and formed three sets of earrings - using the disk cutter I bought on Thursday; and domed them in a metal dapping form.

©2015 Barry Smith - Silver-plated metal discs cut and domed ready for bringing and polishing
A cut pieces second neck piece that will have three articulated sections that sit on or just below the throat-collarbones. I have made one of these in an earlier stash.

©2015 Barry Smith - Offcuts from cutting a large circular blank for a bowl - will become a neck-piece
©2015 Barry Smith - Similar neck-piece made in an earlier stash of up-cycled offcuts
I have also cut the metal disks (about 170-180mm in diameter) to make two more larger bowls - I made one in an earlier stash. The cutting resulted ink lots of little offcuts which have gone into the silver-plated copper bucket for smelting down the track.

©2015 Barry Smith - Beautiful silver-plated copper - set aside for smelting
So whilst the work is not finished it was good to get back to this progressive commission and make a few more bits. I find it is good to have these small jobs to progress when one has a small about of time.


  1. Lovely beginnings for more beautiful pieces! Barry, Meg and family must be so delighted with your offerings - so great to see family silver becoming used in such exciting ways.

    1. C- as you saw from later posts the hoard did emerge from the humble cutting beginnings. Go well. B


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