Sunday, June 7, 2015

Chased leaves on a bowl

©2015 Barry Smith - Detail of some chasing work - lots of hammer marks
I set myself the goal of finishing the chase work on the old bowl I started on Friday.

©2015 Barry Smith - Old bowl of presentation cup (dated 1936) on wax bowl
©2015 Barry Smith - Where I got to on Friday
I did the work in one hour blocks as it took quite a bit of concentration; and was also quite hard on on the fingers (holding small chasing tools) and forearm (many short, sharp accurate hammers strokes).

The photos below show the bowl going through a few stages.

©2015 Barry Smith - First stages of chasing
©2015 Barry Smith - Quite a bit of chasing - needs more work
©2015 Barry Smith - I cleaned it to see where I needed to do more work and did another hour or so - you can see some go the bowl's inscription on the right side
I got the wax out of the bowl by soaking it in another bowl of boiling water - and no toxic fumes!!!

I was happy with the finished product; including the inside.

©2015 Barry Smith - Finished chased bowl with leaf forms - side view
©2015 Barry Smith - Inside of chased bowl
©2015 Barry Smith - Inside of chased bowl
©2015 Barry Smith - Looking down on chased work - base
Of course it can be improved lots - but a good start; many lessons; and I have identified a couple more tools I need to make or purchase.


  1. Just extraordinary, B, the way you dive in, learn new skills and straight off, make something beautiful. This has been wonderful, watching your process, and I can't wait to see what happens next on the block.

  2. Hi JM & C - I was surprised and delighted with this first try. C - I guess we need to just dive in and take the risk of failing or we would not start and try new things - or at least that is how I see it - and I'm happy to admit the failures as well - all part of the journey. Go well. B


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